Monday, April 5, 2010

Collecting Strength

Spring 204

I’ve been pondering all my wonderful blog friends over the past couple of months and not a day goes by where I don’t think of something new to post.  Magical adventures, dreams, crafts, funny uttering's from my offspring,  But…  But is such a bad word for me.  My young and gorgeous counselor thinks I need to remove it from my vocabulary. (The word But, not my Blog.)

And I will.  For long-time readers, you’ve probably realized that things haven’t been the same around FawnDear since last July when the Unbloggable happened.   And as the Unbloggable is still overpowering sometimes I find my dreams slipping away.  I hope to find myself soon. AND I will.  But I’m taking April off to collect some strength.  Last week was a new low for me.  But the simple message of Easter and the Savior’s atonement have helped boost my spirits.   So lovely blog friends and readers.  FawnDear will be back May 1st.  Believe me I’m so looking forward to May Day this year.  I’m planning, dreaming and feeding my spirit.  Please be patient with my silence because I love you all and can’t wait to converse like old times.  See you in May. 

Tootles, FawnDear