Wednesday, December 29, 2010

When you give a 5 Year Old a Hammer…

When you willingly give a five-year-old a hammer you better be prepared for this.

Christmas 041

Fortunately for us, this was a planned demolition.  Yeah, the 3-year kitchen remodel is finally moving forward.

Christmas 050

Yes, our remodel continues.  I’m so wishing I had some more before and after pictures to show you, but the AFTER is not quite done, yet the demolition, and remodel continues to engulf even more rooms as the list of rooms almost done, but not quite continue to grow.  Some how we are all surviving all the paint dust and paint fumes.

Christmas 058

And in between all the chaos we did manage to find a little Christmas spirit.

Christmas 015

See how high you can get on paint.

Christmas 060

I never want to paint on a ladder that high again.  Can you tell I’m nearly crying with fear as Abner does the Please-don’t-fall-on-me-MOM, happy dance.

Between the mad makeover mess we were able to throw in a one day family trip to the quaint town of Leavenworth, WA.  Loved it.


We even took the obligatory family photo and true to form chopped off heads, arms and toes.  You know our typical snapshot.

Christmas 181

The miracle was that we even put the tree up and decorated it with only a week to go before Christmas.

Christmas 194

Ate some yummy food and way, way to much sugar.

Christmas 132

And dreamed, and worked and dreamed some more of when this extreme home makeover would be done.

Christmas 051

I’ve got a lot of sewing, tiling and painting still ahead of me.  And yes, the After rooms will knock your socks off.  Who cares of Myth Busters busted that myth. 

I’m loving being creative.  Found two broken lamps for super cheap and put them together to make this little beauty for my future fairy desk.  You are not going to believe how perfect it all turns out.

Christmas 057

My kids are dreaming right along with me.  See here’s Abner dreaming of being a grown-up.

Christmas 204

Thank you for being patient while I continue to inhale down more paint fumes than can be healthy for anyone.  I know I’ve been missing from blog land for so long, but I can see the light at the end of the remodel tunnel.  It’s still a tiny pinprick, but it is growing brighter.