Monday, March 29, 2010

When Inmates Run the Asylum

And the Loons are in control or so it feels.  Between cleaning up after mud splattered walls, clutter strewed family room and the Asylum vehicle running the funny farm patients to and fro, well, it’s nigh enough to drive the Nuthouse Director to darn near check herself into the facility.

Spring 631

Saw this here BeauTy while out driving the other day.  Udders and all.  Don’t you think this would make the perfect Funny Farm Vehicle for my crazy herd?  Kind of gives a new meaning to Mad Cow (which is one of the nicknames I have around these here parts).

And don’t even get me started on the weeping and wailing associated at dinner time when you try to feed the little wacko’s something green and healthy.  You would think I was trying to poison their little systems with something radioactive and toxic.

WELL NO MORE!!!  No I’m not closing down the facility but I am taking Back the Funny Farm.  And I have proof that I can do it too.

Why?  I discovered I was Wonder Woman after all.  Here’s positive proof.

The Unbloggable erupted with the force of a spewing volcano this week.   A very destructive volcano both mentally, and financially and guess who survived.  We all did.  Instead of it sending me back to Mommy Zombie-land or to the store to buy a huge box of Ding-Dongs to down by myself – I survived – I didn’t self destruct.  I didn’t give in to despair and let the Unbloggable dementor suck all my soul’s joy from me.  I was able to see the rays of hope, joy and love that are ever present, guiding and buoying up our family.

I’ve never forgotten the words that Marilla said to Anne in the Anne of Green Gables Movie.

To Despair is to turn your back on God.’ 

So when it’s too overwhelming and I feel I can’t give anymore, that’s when I fall to my knees and turn it over to God.  And you know what?  He’s been there every time.

So back to reclaiming the Funny Farm.  If I can survive weeks like the last one – And I know I will because I know who’s backing me up.  I know I can reclaim this mad mess of a situation we’ve got boiling.  If I can go through weeks like the last one and still notice the beauty and love of my children.  Then I’ll be okay.

Spring 688

Loved it when the inmates stopped fighting long enough to make each other some mini-daisy fairy crowns.

Who’d have thunk you could make something so charming out of someone else’s weeds. Now who doesn’t love it when a big sis will do this for you?  I know Princess does.

And I can’t tell you how watching the kids fish with fingers made my day.

Yum, finger food!

Spring 671

And now since we know the location of the magical fish that eat fingers, we can go there often – just to make mom smile.

Spring 662

Oh, and guess what?  You know that 60 lbs. that found me since this whole ruckus started.  Well I managed to lose 11 of it over the last 3 weeks.  Wahoo!  I’m taking evasive action not to let them find me again either.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mud Milestone

Today is a celebration.  Four-yr-old Hope has finally learned not to wipe her muddy paw prints all over herself.

Now we’ve just got to tackle the beast of mud graffiti that she left all over the wall.  (And no she isn’t flipping me off, she’s just shaking dry her hands after she washed the mud off.)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pixie Packages Magical Arrival

Blooming between a rock and a hard place.

I oft times believe life can sometimes be like this.  You are stuck in the most un-favorable predicament you could ever imagine.  Yet somehow,  there’s just enough room to bloom (get-by with a wink and a smile).  That’s where we are at right now.  Sometimes the unblogable location is torturous.  Still, every now and then, little surprise sprinkles of merciful rain give you just enough to go on.

Spring 602

I loved these flowers as a kid.  They were everywhere around the back of the house where I grew up.  I thought they looked like little grapes.  Remnants of a long forgotten blub flower bed of my grandmothers, I think.  See I lived in the house my dad grew up in as well.  My brother lives there now.  I love it when there’s a tangible connection of memories shared by generations of one family.

Well today we received a kind magical rain in the form of our Pixie Pouch Swap Package.  The girls were giddy as ever to open up their Fairy Treasure.

Spring 613

Okay, some were down right beside themselves with joy while sailing over the moon.

Spring 612

Hope was thrilled with all her little treasures.

Spring 614

And her pixie pouch was extra special with charmed butterflies floating everywhere.

Spring 626

And the treasure inside was equally enchanted.

  Spring 621

Including a wee sweet invitation to a Midsummer’s Eve Ball at Dusk.  Yeah, one more magical event to plan for.

Spring 624

Princess’s package was equally delightful with a special unicorn pouch from her fairy friend Elsa who Wand Swapped Princess last year.

Spring 617

And Lea was equally thrilled with her pouch and goodies.

Spring 619

Magic mushrooms, a fairy shovel and pixie seeds, Perfect for Spring.

Spring 620

And yes I,  Even I received a sweet bundle of inspiration.

Spring 616

Special Thanks to Missy and her magical Swap,  I have a feeling the girls and I are going to actively entertaining the fairies this week.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bad Blogger, Bad, Bad, Blogger

I know I have been missing in blog action.   Part of the reason is that computer time has been very rare of late.  Seeing as to the fact that I sneak onto my son’s computer since I no longer have one of my own.  The other reason is that the Unbloggable still dominates darn near every aspect of my life.  And since I woke up from the shocked zombie state, dealing with the emotions are still fresh, painful and ever present.  Not a day passes that I don’t think of something that I really want to vent blog about, but either the subject is off limits or the time is non-existent.

Today, however is a good day.  A day where the teeny tiny silver lining of that huge black unbloggable thundercloud seems a bit brighter.  And I also think the Leprechauns brought me a bit of Luck in the form of a wee amount of time this morning to catch you up to speed.

The wee folks visited last night and of course I snapped pictures of what they brought but for some reason my son’s computer is not allowing me to download those pics.  So instead I’ll share some happenings from the last few weeks.


Spring has sprung.  Finally!  We didn’t really have winter, but the days were gray and short.  Now we have evidence that brighter, warmer days are here – Hopefully to stay.


Spring is the visible reminder of Hope.  And I’m all about hanging onto Hope.

‘…sometimes on a sunny day it began even to be pleasant and genial, and a greenness grew over those brown beds, which freshening daily, suggested that Hope traversed them at night and left each morning brighter traces of her steps.’

from Charlotte Bronte’s ‘Jane Eyre’

Guess What?  I found my very own Rabbit Hole.  Can’t fall into it yet.  It is a bit too tiny for my body but as soon as I find my ‘Drink Me’ potion I intend to take my girls on adventure in Wonderland.  Can’t Wait.


The Sun has been shining lately and I love it.  Hope complains that it’s burning her eyeballs and she needs me to buy her some fashionable shades.  We’ll see,  I’m sure her eyes will adjust.


We are also starting a Birthday celebrating spree (four in the next month).


Evo-man started off the birthday run by daring to turn 14.  My mom whipped him together a quilt out of some of his favorite tee-shirts.  I had snuck them out of his room and he couldn’t figure out where they had gone.


He loves it.  Now, not an evening goes by that he doesn’t snuggle under his new blanket on the couch while watching T.V.

Weekends have been long lately and since I don’t have internet access on weekends, I decided to put some old rusty skills to good use.

I made my first afghan in 19 years.  It’s a gift of thanks for some angels that have sheltered our family through this whole storm.  I hope they like it.

And when I’m not busy as all get out, I’m dreaming.   Two dear friends recently gave me a couple of magazines and craft books that are right along my dream path.

And I found the first picture of my dream kitchen.


Straight out of my dreams, farm sink, antique (modernized) working stove,  white and blue.  I’m going to plaster these pictures all over my kitchen.  Someday I’ll make this dream come true.

Job’s Wife knew the girls and I would go ga-ga over this find.

Spring 198

Just in time for today, May Day and Fairy Day.

Spring 199

Yep, spring is my favorite season.  So full of promise and magic.  Here’s a wish… Maybe the longer days will afford me more time to blog.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Magic

The girls and I sent off our Fairy Swap items a little late.  Hope they forgive us, but it was so hard to part with what we had made.  We were each supposed to create a Pixie Pouch using this pattern for our guide, and create 10 identical miniature fairy items.  In return we will receive a different Pixie Pouch created by another participant and 10 various fairy items. 

So here is what the wee ones and I came up with. 

I somehow (don’t ask how, because I don’t even know how) crocheted my Pixie Pouch.  I had to preload all the charms and beads on the thread before I even started. 

Spring 145

Can I just tell you I love the details on my pouch.  The silver beaded trim, fabric lining, charms and beads.  I really didn’t want to send it in.

Spring 149

Then for my 10 identical (except in color) fairy items I sent in miniature fairy purses.

Spring 163

Magic Swap beads included.

 Spring 158

Princess’s Pixie Pouch was all about our favorite Pixie Hollow fairies.

 Spring 165

Even her lining had magical surprises.

 Spring 168

Then we decorated 10 wee little hat boxes and each contained  a fairy hair wreath.

 Spring 172

Each little fairy hat was crocheted from very fine jewelry wire and beads and the skinniest ribbon you could find.

 Spring 170

Hopes bag was very whimsical.  And like all the bags my girls made could be reversible to show a matching complimentary design.

Spring 178

She even had a fairy friend waiting inside.

 Spring 179

Then she filled ten of the tiniest little, cork-topped vials with some magic dream dust.  The fairies helped her by collecting Magic Moonbeam dust (shower powder or baby powder mixed with ultra-fine non-toxic glitter).  That way whenever anyone wants sweet dreams they just have to sprinkle the littlest of pinches of Fairy Dream Dust on their pillow just before bed.

 Spring 182

The stickers we claimed from after holiday discounted Valentine Card sets.

Spring 187

And finally Lea’s bag.

 Spring 188

Complete with a simple but sweet crocheted trim.

 Spring 189

and stitched Butterfly surprise inside.

Spring 190

Her ten items were handmade miniature birds nests with magic eggs and wee little feathered friends.

Spring 195

I will put up tutorials of some of our projects soon on Mommy Blessings. 

Thanks again to Missy of Fairy Child Heirlooms Weblog for hosting such a fun swap.