Wednesday, December 29, 2010

When you give a 5 Year Old a Hammer…

When you willingly give a five-year-old a hammer you better be prepared for this.

Christmas 041

Fortunately for us, this was a planned demolition.  Yeah, the 3-year kitchen remodel is finally moving forward.

Christmas 050

Yes, our remodel continues.  I’m so wishing I had some more before and after pictures to show you, but the AFTER is not quite done, yet the demolition, and remodel continues to engulf even more rooms as the list of rooms almost done, but not quite continue to grow.  Some how we are all surviving all the paint dust and paint fumes.

Christmas 058

And in between all the chaos we did manage to find a little Christmas spirit.

Christmas 015

See how high you can get on paint.

Christmas 060

I never want to paint on a ladder that high again.  Can you tell I’m nearly crying with fear as Abner does the Please-don’t-fall-on-me-MOM, happy dance.

Between the mad makeover mess we were able to throw in a one day family trip to the quaint town of Leavenworth, WA.  Loved it.


We even took the obligatory family photo and true to form chopped off heads, arms and toes.  You know our typical snapshot.

Christmas 181

The miracle was that we even put the tree up and decorated it with only a week to go before Christmas.

Christmas 194

Ate some yummy food and way, way to much sugar.

Christmas 132

And dreamed, and worked and dreamed some more of when this extreme home makeover would be done.

Christmas 051

I’ve got a lot of sewing, tiling and painting still ahead of me.  And yes, the After rooms will knock your socks off.  Who cares of Myth Busters busted that myth. 

I’m loving being creative.  Found two broken lamps for super cheap and put them together to make this little beauty for my future fairy desk.  You are not going to believe how perfect it all turns out.

Christmas 057

My kids are dreaming right along with me.  See here’s Abner dreaming of being a grown-up.

Christmas 204

Thank you for being patient while I continue to inhale down more paint fumes than can be healthy for anyone.  I know I’ve been missing from blog land for so long, but I can see the light at the end of the remodel tunnel.  It’s still a tiny pinprick, but it is growing brighter.

Friday, November 26, 2010

How Dedicated Am I?

Since the Upstairs is Mostly Done,  I had a huge task this week.  Find a table to eat Thanksgiving on.  I’ve got several tables in my home but they were piled high with stuff.  I think it’s been 3 or so months since we squeezed all of our family around the same table for dinner.  Pathetic right?  Usually we clear off little corners for a kid in one room and another in the kitchen.  A lot of us have been sitting on the floor or chowing down on dinner while standing. 

I promise that there is a honking large table under that pile of clutter. 

Summer 1343 

This is a Before/After Hoarding  (Haven’t Painted and decorated Yet).  That will hopefully happen over the next couple of weeks.  The Dinning Room!

Summer 1345

And on Thanksgiving morning…

Summer 1440

It felt so good to sit around this table.

Summer 1441

And I know it will feel even better when Ms. Passion helps me make over the room.

I’m amazed that I still want this transformation as heartily as I did on day 1 of my Self (Hoarding) Awareness.  Now I’ve got proof of how badly I want this.

Proof about how dedicated I am at the De-Hoarding.  Want to know what it is.  I just listed my precious obsession on EBay.

Summer 563

My First Print, First Edition, Autographed Obsession.  It’s not that I’m not still obsessed.  (Just a wee bit).  It’s that having a peaceful home is so much more important.  Are you not proud of me?  I am.  The things I really love are my Family, not rare autographed books.  However, I do hope they bring in a little $ to help pay for the Beautifying process of my Home.   Wish me Luck.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


No I haven’t quit blogging.  I’ve just been consumed with the De-Hoarding.  Consumed!  It is the first thing that pop’s into my mind the second I wake up.  At night, as my exhausted head hits the pillow, the countless thoughts of upcoming projects swirl around as a blizzard, numbing me to sleep.  I’ve so many rooms that are Almost done.  So close to being perfect, yet the little un-done details constantly nag my conscience, and have prevented me from showing the before and after rooms.  Until now.

Since the little details won’t be looked at until the rest of the house is Almost Perfect.  I’ll go ahead and show you my last three big projects.

The Master Bathroom.  The Horror Before…

Summer 644 

Even with a laundry basket in the room the kids would still drop their clothes and towels on the floor.  Frustrating.

Summer 643

Every surface on counter and tub, cluttered with bottles of what-not’s, toys, cups, clothes.  At least that is how it was a little over a month ago. 

Summer 543

And Today…

Summer 1412

Not only is it clean, but it’s beautiful.

The biggest time consumer was painting the trim and the cabinet’s.

They had to be painted with and oil based paint, which was smelly and takes ages to dry, but is so much more durable.  New hinges & knobs too, because we couldn’t stand putting the old rusty stuff on our beautiful white doors.

Saved money with the curtains though.

Made the curtains with material from my old stash.  Humm looks like the leftover duvet cover ($4.99) I thrifted to make this little darling.   

I did have to get more drapery hardware, but that duvet cover went a long way.

Paint: $95  Hardware:  $73  Curtain Supplies:  $24  Total:  $ 192

Now off to the girls room.  Princess and Hope’s room was the cleanest bed room in the house before we started.

Summer 1231

A bit stuffed, but not horrible.

Summer 601

But After:

Summer 1285

A Perfectly Pink little girls room.

Summer 1365

And I’m still in awe of the closet.

The girls let go over over 8 rubber totes and bags of clothes, bedding and toys.

Found two matching comforters at 75% off.  They were ended up costing $7. 98 each. 

And the darling bed skirt.  I raided my sewing stash again.

Summer 1288

Found two other bed skirts that I bought for possible girly dresses and did something different.

Summer 1253

Couldn’t make the traditional bed skirt because the beds are taken apart bunk beds. 

Summer 1289

So I employed some Velcro and attached them that way.

Summer 1290 

The Curtain rods.  An Electrical pipe, Wooden dowel, and ends from another shorter curtain rod.

Summer 1256

The silly wooden dowel was what I spent the most on.  $3.49.

Summer 1257

First I screwed the finial into the end of a short piece of dowel then snuggly fit it into the pipe.

Summer 1258

The curtains we found at a thrift store.

Summer 1368 

The vanity was gifted to the girls by a close friend.

Summer 1370 

And we were able to find some other thrift treasures to decorate with.

Summer 1295

Best of all the girls are surrounded by their most favorite toys.  The ones they liked above all the other’s that they let go of.

Summer 1296

This room did contain my first opps.  One of the paint colors we choose was a little too pink.  So overwhelming and bright that it made the room look smaller.  It nearly matched the pink ribbon on our curtain tops.   

So we changed the color on the top half of the room and now it darn near perfect.  I didn’t even grumble too much with painting the stripe in between the colors.

Summer 1270

And NOW for my final upstairs room.  We took this monstrosity that used to be the boys room.

Summer 1241

A cave of darkness, damage, and even more clutter.

Poor Lea inherited the room from the boys in April, but nothing had been done to it to make anyone know it was a girls room.

Summer 1244

The walls were riddled with holes, dings and dents from my O.D.D. son before we entered him into treatment.

Summer 1252 

The Doom Room Before…

Summer 1242

It was a very sad room.  But we poured a honking lot of love into it and today…

The picture doesn’t do the room justice.  It’s much lighter in person. 

Summer 1421

More like this…

Summer 1427

Again I made the curtains from thrifted sheets out of my sewing stash.  They are much more adorable in person.

Summer 1387 

And the bed skirt.  (This picture is truer to the actual colors of the room.)

Summer 1430

Well, I broke the rules.  It’s not a bed skirt, but an heirloom table cloth spread between the box spring and mattress.

Summer 1390

The closet before...

Summer 546

And After.

Summer 1428

Lea’s desk is now in the closet.

Summer 1424

She loves it.  Like everyone else she let go of over 75 % of the stuff she had.  Somehow the sacrifice has made it all worth while for everyone.

I think her room is one of my favorites after mine own.  Again the pictures don’t do it justice.  My point and shoot camera was acting up and bit the dust just yesterday.  Princess accidently dropped it and it died a horrible death.  So I just had to post these almost pictures to show you that we are still moving forward. 

There are still so many little, itty-bitty details I want to go back and change or fix in each of the rooms.  But they are a beautiful place to be while waiting.

It’s painful, and I’ve never worked so hard in my life.   That’s saying something because I’m a worker.  But this is the first time I’ve put all I have into something.  

I might have to borrow a camera but I promise to keep taking pictures.  I’ve so many more stories to tell of the process, the heartbreak, the miracles, the roadblocks, the generosity of angels, and the lesson’s I’ve learned.  They will come, maybe after I’m done being consumed by the process, but they will come.