Friday, November 30, 2007

Growing Up Fast

I came downstairs to find Hope fixing herself a bowl of cereal. At least I know that if something ever happened to me, she would definitely be able to fend for herself. No she didn’t get her own bowl, she used Abner’s dirty one that he forgot to clear from the table. But hey, with or without a bowl she could take care of herself.

Somewhere A chorus of angels are singing ‘Alleluia!’ even if it is only in my head. Evo-man spiffy’d himself up without one little peep or nag from me. He even did it in record time and was ready to walk out the door for school a full 10 minutes early. This is the kid that goes to church with his Sunday shirt un-tucked, sagging belt-less pants, and white socks, and is ready for school after about 100 nags and 20 minutes late. Not today. It's been awhile since I've taken pictures. No he doesn't have a vase growing out of his head - it's just mom's poor set-up skills.

So what’s behind this marvelous transformation. - - - Bella - - - Music to my ears. Bella is a girl at Everett’s school who agreed to be his friend. He went to school on Monday with a crush on Nancy, but his best friend asked her to be his special friend so Everett happily approached sweet Bella and decided that he liked her better all along. Of course, Bella gave him a hug when he asked her and has been telling him all week how excited she was to see him all decked out in what he calls his tux. Their school went to see the Nutcracker Ballet today for a field trip and he even got to sit by his Bella. Maybe we should invite her to go to church with us???

Thursday, November 29, 2007

All over again

O.K. Susanne, I decided to give your idea a copy and do a day-in-the-life of me. Beware of the Chaos.
5:45 a.m. Wake up late. Usually I’m up at 5:20 a.m. but I forgot that I reset the clock yesterday so that my husband could sleep in. Drat, no time to start a load of laundry. Change into exercise clothes, and take my son Abner to Seminary which starts at 6:00 a.m.
6:00 – Run 5 miles – o.k. more like jog slowly. But did great this morning and finished in under an hour instead of the hour 16 minutes that it took me to run the same distance 3 days ago. Yahoo, now to hurry home.
7:03 – hurry up and get kids up and downstairs for Family Scripture Study – Succeeded in getting 3 of the 5 left at home to join us in the front room. One child listened from the top of the stairs and another wouldn’t budge (not a morning girl).
Between 7:25 and 8:10 – Send second son off to school. Shower, get 3 of the kids thought the bath themselves, and make sure they get dressed. It takes 15 min to actually get my O.D.D child out of the bath after I first asked him to get out. He then took the entire rest of the time to get dressed, leaving no time for breakfast, or for making his school lunch. So mom does it again like she does 4 out of 5 mornings. This morning however I’m a bit more rushed so his breakfast only consisted of toast covered with peanut butter. The girls only fared a tiny bit better, toast and bananas, with milk. Not mixed together but separate.
8:10-8:30 – Drop Evo-man off at school and take my girls to my dear friend’s home. Of course none of my munchkins have socks on with their shoes or their hair combed but I don’t mind because my dear friend doesn’t mind. She likes me in spite of my being unprepared 9 times out of 10.
8:45 – See my Physical therapist and get the green light to run the half-marathon in CA – Disneyland here I come!!! While in the car without the girls I blast my Josh Grobin Christmas CD and sing along.
9:00 – 9:20 Yes it takes me twenty minutes to get my kids out of my friends home. And not because we are talking, but because I have to chase my girls. I’m one of those parents that drop my kids off and they are fine but they throw a fit when I come to pick them up. Fortunately, Hope was the only one to actually have a tantrum.
Run home and start a batch of laundry and have Princess use the potty so we don’t have to stop at some store for an emergency run.
9:30 Drop off two ebay packages to mail. My husband is netting enough to pay for my trip to Disneyland through his little venture so I can’t complain too much when he wants me to drop off packages for him. Yesterday I had to drop off 4 so 2 isn’t bad today.
9:45-2:00 Christmas shop at 6 stores that we’ve saved gift certificates for. Can now check off 14 more people off my list. Take two potty breaks for Princess… Sucumb to buying Happy Meals for the girls, because shopping takes longer than I thought it would. At least I got them Apple dippers and milk instead of fries and pop. I also had them do some school work while in the car. Princess did math by fingers great and letter spotting, while Lea brought a clipboard so she could work on her math homework without doing it verbally. In addition to presents I also bought the soundtrack for the new Disney movie ‘Enchanted’. The girls and I had fun singing the songs on the way home, or maybe I should say, trying to sing. We also bought our Disneyland 3 day pass.
2:00 – Switch laundry, unload the car, and start the dishwasher. And none too soon, I don’t think the dishwasher has cleaned anything in the last 4-6 meals. Listened to Lea read and I helped read three books with Princess as well. Then I greeted my oldest child as he came home from school.

I guess Hope didn't get enough quality nap time in the car with all the running around so she chose to fall asleep on a kitchen chair. Don't worry I moved her.
3:00 Pick up Evo-man and take him to his children’s exercise group. My husband has agreed to pick him up after the program so I don’t have to hang around in town. Yeah because there is still so much to do at home. It still takes over an hour of drive time.
4:00 Pull into the driveway only to remember that Evo-man had forgotten his homework at school so I pull out of the driveway and went to his school to pick it up for him. The next few hours is a blur. But between 4 and
9:00 pm . I take the garbage out twice, recycling ditto. I made a healthy dinner of whole wheat Penne Pasta in a healthy tomato sauce with Lean Italian Turkey Meatballs, and steamed cauliflower. I was feeling guilty for the lack of mommy time, and not so healthy other meals that I had subjected my kids to. Can't please them all. T-rev didn't quite like it as well as the others. He has an aversion to anything tomato sauce. But then again, most of my kids have food aversions that are all different. You can't win them all. I also washed 3 more loads of laundry, plus folded and put away the two loads I had completed earlier in the day. I also added another load to the dishwasher. Helped my girls do more school work.

Found and saved Princess’s stuffed Monkey that she was convinced had been lost for good. She was almost right, it was lost for 3 weeks out on the side porch that we never go on. The Monkey named Chilly was soaked and her sound was barely there but I explained to Esther that we needed to give her a nice warm bubble spin bath to make her feel better, so into the washer I tossed Chilly. I also started pulling together worksheets and lesson ideas for the girls to work on next week while we are traveling. Pulled Hope off the table at least 6 times (she’s a climber like her cousin), cleaned up untold new messes(spilled juice, domino's, math tiles, uno cards, etc.) courtesy of Hope and Princess. My dear husband also secured the girls and I some tickets for breakfast with the Princesses at Disneyland. It will be the first thing that happens to them there and I’m expecting huge eyes and gapping mouths. Better make sure my camera is fully charged.

Lea really wants to look good for her pictures so she put a bandaid on her nose so she won't pick a little sore that's been bugging her. I'm sure she will look awesome.
Finally at 9:00 we start the bedtime process (a half hour later than normal), tonight wasn’t so bad. Most of the kids were in bed for good by 9:40. I know kids finally being in bed 40 minutes after they were first sent to bed isn’t that great. However the O.D.D child couldn’t sleep and continued to remind my husband and myself that he couldn’t sleep nearly every 15 minutes until 10:30.
… And that’s were I’m at now – checking email and blogging and when I’m done with that I’ll read my scriptures and hopefully turn out the lights before 12:00. And all so I can get up and do it all over again. Maybe I’ll actually get some cleaning done tomorrow…maybe?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Top Ten Thankful for’s…

• My testimony of the Savior and his love for me as an individual. The Tender Mercies have come in waves this past year…

• My amazing husband who loves and supports me no matter how hormonal, witchy, and cranky, I get...

• The most amazing 6-pack of kids that teach me 24/7 all about love and how to be a better person…

• The miracle of health in my life. This last year I’ve been given a second chance and I don’t intend to throw it away…

• Family and Friends who call just to say, ‘Hi, How are you? What can I do to help?’ And more often than not, they are in much more need of help than I. I’ve been blessed with so many of these angels over the past couple of years…

• Happiness and Laughter especially in my children…

• Goals and Accomplishments: My firsts this year included, hair highlights, pedicure’s, 5K’s (notice the plural), Sprint Triathlon’(s), Homeschooling my Princess’s...

• Realizing the importance of taking care of me first. I know it sounds a little selfish, but when I take care of myself I have the energy and capacity to take better care of the loved ones around me…

• Hugs…

• I’m thankful for Weaknesses. Through them I’ve been strengthened and gained a testimony of how much my Father in Heaven loves me. And through the weaknesses I see that others have been given, I can now see how much he loves and cares for them as well.

I’ll probably kick myself for forgetting some other things. I wish everyone an amazing thanksgiving. What are you Thankful for…

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Spread the U.G.L.Y.'s

Official Members and Honorary Members of the Ugly Club United Yesterday to send its President and Founder Heber C. Black off. I did what I said I would do and made myself and family a little badge to wear to honor my uncle and discovered my initial printing of 40 badges for the viewing was not enough. So the night before his funeral I made 80 more. They were gone as soon as they hit the table.

Here is my really UGLY sister Sandy. Oh, and Sandy if your really upset that I used your picture then please keep reading.

I learned a little bit more about my Uncle Heber's club at the services. The Ugly Club was started to recognize ‘An Alternate form of Beauty’, and not the outward beauty that is so focused on by the world. More than anyone my Uncle had this beauty. I think when all is said and done, it is about loving people no matter how they look, act, talk, dress, etc. My Uncle did this so well. I have a sneaking suspicion that everyone he met felt he cared for them as much as I felt he cared about me. So for me U.G.L.Y. stands for Uniquely Genuine Loving You. If you could be that Unique Person Who Has Genuine Love for Everyone, No Matter What – then maybe you just might be worthy to be a member of the UGLY Club. Someday, sooner rather than later, I would like to be an official member of this club and not just an honorary-for-a-day member.

My Husband’s Grandma Stella had this kind of love. She had a way of focusing all of her attention and interest on you whenever you were around her and none of it on herself and her trials. I truly felt she was excited to see me whenever our paths crossed. The world needs more U.G.L.Y. people, I think. Maybe if there are enough of them around some of their inner-beauty, would rub off on us. I think Heber and Stella found that magic substance called Charity.

‘And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.’ 1 Corinthians 13:13

During the family prayer for my uncle there was a humming sound that was heard. At first people were annoyed thinking someone had forgotten to turn off their cell phone. But it turns out it was my Uncle’s defibulator/pace maker going off. The strange thing was, the hospital had turned it off when he died. Maybe he was letting everyone know that he was there in spirit.

So for today – Spread the U.G.L.Y.ness around a bit and the whole world will be a better place.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Inconvenient Flat???

Driving from my home to my parents can take up to 12 ½ hours on a good day. That is with minimal stops. So I figured with just myself and my three girls it would probably be around 14 hours. Not wanting to be on the road for any longer than necessary I started off around 6 a.m. If plans worked out right they would be content until my first scheduled stop in Pendleton Oregon.

Fortunately, the girls were great in the car. Amazingly no fighting, teasing, etc., how lucky could I get?

????????????????????Why did I take an exit based on less than 10 seconds of thought at only 2 ½ hours into our trip. Something along the lines of ‘I remember there being a Wal-Mart on this exit and the girls could use the bathroom (even though I had no idea if they needed to use the bathroom or not.)Still don't know why I took the exit seeing as how I my main objective was to take as few stops as possible and waste as little time in the process.

Fortunately a kind lady in the Wal-Mart Parking lot let me know that my tire was super low.

Fortunately there was a gas station less than a block away with air.

Unfortunately, after the tire was filled I continued to hear a strange hissing noise.

Fortunately Wal-Mart Tire and Lube was less than a block away.

Unfortunately, the flat was un-repairable, with a leak in the side wall of the tire.

Fortunately I was able to buy the last two tires of the style I needed for an o.k. price.

Unfortunately I had to chase 3 girls around Wal-Mart for 3 hours while waiting for the car to get done.

Unfortunately my husband had to hear the blow-by-blow account of his wife freaking out on the cell phone.

Fortunately for me he listened.

Fortunately the entire rest of the trip was uneventful and the girls were great.

Unfortunately we didn’t arrive at my parents until 12:20 p.m. their time.

Fortunately I didn't get too tired while driving.

Even though it was a pain I am sooooo thankful for those ??????????????????????????'s I don’t want to think of how it would have played out had I not taken that exit for whatever reason. The fact that this Inconvenient Flat happened where it did just helps me know there are angels watching over me and my girls.

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Angels Are Cracking Up

They must be having a grand ole time up in Heaven today. My Uncle Heber went home. I’m sure he's got the angels there laughing so hard that they might just forget, for a bit, that there are a lot of folks down here missing the big guy.

I loved my Uncle Heber! As a child from a large family and even more humongous extended family (I know the cousin count is over 60), I always felt he took the time to play, tease or even notice me. My nose would mysteriously disappear between his fingers, when I was young. It would get a good washing in his mouth before I could beg it back. Laughing, til it hurt so much we had to cry, was a given. Maybe it was his straight delivery. He could tell the biggest whopper with the most serious expression and raised eyebrows. The twinkle in his eyes would always give away the fact that he was pulling a fast one on you. And if it didn’t the next line zinger would.

Even after I’d grown up, had a family of my own, moved far, far away and didn’t visit very often, I still felt he cared. He would always take the time to chat it up with me personally on every occasional visit. It felt like I hadn't been gone for long at all, maybe a couple of days instead of the years that it actually was. A few years ago I was able to take my family and stay the night with him and Aunt Loretta on the Black Family Farm in Juniper, ID. His health was hurting him then, but he was still the same Heber that I knew and loved as a child. I’ll never forget him hauling out his oxygen tank and strapping it to a four wheeler so that he could take my boys for a spin around the farm. And he took special notice of my tom-boy Lea. ‘If I had a women’s football team, I’d want her on it,’ he told my mom.

If he couldn’t bring a smile to your face by hearing a joke I’m sure you would get one from the visual gags found around him. My favorite was a large wooden sign on his front lawn welcoming you to 'The Ugly Club Headquarters.' Honorary club members included Don Knott’s and Barbara Streisand. I doubt they ever knew he made them honorary members but it was a great sign. Even better was the fact that he would often put on his fishing hat and pose next to the sign for anyone who asked.

Well dear Uncle, I’ll miss your chuckle, the twinkle in your eye, that great bear hug you always had waiting for me, and most of all your mischievous smile. I’m sure you have all of heaven busting a gut with pleasure to have you back home. From you I'll try to remember, that when times get tough, and they will, it always helps to have a little humor. And I hope you don’t mind if I wear an ‘Honorary Ugly Club Member’ pin to your funeral. Any club that you’re the founder of is where I want to be. I hope everyone in this life is as fortunate as I, to have someone as funny as you, that cares about them. Love and Miss you!

Monday, November 12, 2007


'Mom, Hope's eating my computer,' Abner yells.

Never, ever leave your valuables unprotected. Little curious fingers my find them and discover how fun it is to pop off the alphabet letters...

And Abner and Candyman, and all the Kings Men, couldn't put Mr. Computer back together again. Well, actually they could it just took all day to find all the missing pieces.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Turkey Trot Tumble

Our family went to the turkey trot this morning. Weather wasn’t the best, with rain and temperatures in the 40’s. But our spirits were high and we were there to have fun! Since I couldn’t run they were kind enough to let my husband take my place. Evo-man dropped out as well, on account of him spraining his ankle last Wednesday. It wasn’t quite back to full strength, so he helped me cheer everyone else on. Lea, Princess and Abner competed in the 5K while we left T-rev at home with a croupy Hope. Abner ran in place, or circles around Princess probably carried her a good portion of the whole race as well. Even though he has cross country in his blood I had asked him to stay close to her. Of course, he kindly encouraged her the whole way, but it was quite a job trying to get her to go faster than a normal walk. At least the crowd at the finish line encouraged her to speed up a little. Lea didn’t fare much better. It seems she found a kind older lady walking partner, soon after the race started. She then proceeded to give her a detailed account of our entire family and probably our entire history as well,for the next 50 minutes. This was my husband’s first 10K and he did awesome. Part of the race was on a rough trail and he paid the price for hitting a rock funny. Who’d have known that we would have two sprained ankles in our family in less than a week? Exercising can be hazardous to your health. I thought he did a great job, and in spite of the owie he was able to finish the race in under an hour by a good bit. After the race there was a Health and Wellness Expo set up in a nearby school. There were plenty of booths for the kids to get free little handouts, waterbottles, stickers,etc. However, the funnest part was all the mats they had set out in the middle of the gym. There were some gymnastic instructors there letting kids have a go on some of the equipment. No, my girls are not graceful but we had to laugh when we saw Lea do an assisted throw-down off a mini-tramp. Gymnastics or Professional Wrestling? I'd let you be the judge, but I haven't figured how to upload videos yet. The funny thing was watching Princess try to do the same thing right after Lea did it. She sprinted as fast as her tired legs would let her down to the trampoline. Then she came to a total stop. The instructor helped her onto the trampoline and waited as she stood there waiting for the magical flip in the air to just happen. She had to be coaxed into even bouncing on the trampoline. After a couple of little bounces, he finally realized that he would have to do all the work. So he lifted her up, flipped her over and she landed a beautiful back flop on the mat.

One Sorry Princess

I’m surprise they lasted this long. Truly, I think of all the decorations I’ve made, they lasted the longest. The ceramic Thanksgiving figurines, I painted nearly 13 years ago, bit the dust. More like, shattered into so many pieces, that I’m unwilling to make an effort to resuscitate them with super glue (again). I also lost 3 pumpkin/gourds. The feast was spared, but seeing it without guests might make Princess start to cry and say she is sorry all over again.
I know she didn’t mean too, I’ve reminded her and Hope not to play with them like little dolls. I even told them they were special because Mommy painted them a long, long time ago. Two days ago I moved them to the untouchable top shelf. At least I thought it was untouchable. Still all the little colorful pieces of food on the table were too tempting. I would catch Princess climbing the bookshelf to pull them down again. She and 2-year old sister Hope would pretend Thanksgiving. Princess loved the blue pilgrims and Hope always got the Indians. They always got along and it was soooooo cute to see Hope ask for the ‘pum-in (pumpkin)’. Maybe I should have just let them play. But I was partial to these decorations. Not only had I painted them but I had purchased them after two months of coveting them at the craft store. Guess you really shouldn’t covet. At the time I had just finished taking a tole-painting class and they were calling to me. Plus, if you’ve ever been in the stores this time of year, Thanksgiving decorations are few and far between. The poor Holiday gets skipped right over in the retailers’ effort to start picking up your Christmas moola. Since I happen to love Thanksgiving, I couldn’t resist another reason to bring them home.
Yesterday evening, I heard the dreaded crash. I knew exactly what had happened. Princess was climbing the shelves again. She only had to step on the bottom one to reach the top, but it was enough to start to tip the bookshelf. I was panicking as I rounded the corner expecting to see the whole piece of furniture on top of her or Hope. I had been thinking of bolting it to the wall in the past because I’ve seen them start to tip it before. What a relief, it was still upright, and there stood Princess, wringing her little hands with a terrified look on her face, standing amid the shattered remains of her envy. I must have heard, “I’m sorry and I didn’t mean to,’ through her tears and whimpers hundreds of times over the next 30 minutes. I had her help me clean up the broken pieces. It was a bit tough to do since Hope kept picking up little Pilgrim parts and in her high squeaky voice, she would have them talk to each other. Both girls tried unsuccessfully to see if any of them would fit back together. Notice the Indian head on the pilgrim’s body?
We bid them farewell and sent them off to the garbage together with a few more tears.
Now the great thing is that I didn’t even get upset at her (and that is not normal, but something I’m working on). I guess I saw it coming and I knew she was sorry and felt horrible, and I’ve learned that if you rub it in they won’t always get that lesson. However I did think, darn where is the camera when you need it. My husband took some pictures with my flash-less camera so you can tell they are a bit dark. What I’ve learned over the past couple of years is that stuff is stuff, it comes and goes, but my little munchkins are mine forever and I’ll love them no matter what. Along the way, they are just happening to teach me patience, a little bit about simplicity, oh, and how to play nice.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Booted from the Turkey Trot

I’ve been told not to run in a local 10K race tomorrow simply because I bought a certain running shoes 3 weeks ago. O.K. explanation in order, whether you’re interested or not. Seventy lbs. and less than 11 months ago (Yes, I’m still trying to wrap my head around that one as well), when I first started exercising, I had problems with plantar fasciitis or heel spurs. So, I decided to play smart and see a Podiatrist. I was pointed in the direction of a really expensive ($120 pair of shoes that would help my feet). Well, seeing as I just had invested literally thousands to join a program to help with exercise, eating, mental, preparing food, etc., I certainly didn’t want sore heels slowing me down. So I bought them. They were worth every penny. I probably wore them way too long, but they were the best shoes I’ve ever had. You have to understand the desperation, up until then I had never spent more than $15.99 for a pair of shoes, for myself, in my entire life. Forward to three weeks ago… I knew I needed new shoes, but times being what they are, I had a hard time thinking that I had to buy that same pair of expensive shoes. So after much looking I spied a sale at Big 5 Sports. There was a shoe there made by the same company, it looked similar in support, but it had a different name, and on sale it was only $39.00. I thought I had scored!
Turns out… I was way wrong. Things seemed fine until 10 days ago when I halted my 4.5 morning slow but steady jog at 1.25 miles. I had a pain in my hip that seemed to be getting worse. I knew that I needed to take a break from the intense training I’ve been doing for my upcoming half-marathon. It is a huge goal of mine to do this half-marathon to cap off an unbelievable, miraculous year of finding myself. But that is another story. Who would have thought, that my dream could now be in jeopardy because I skimped on shoes. After 10 days of taking it easy I finally saw my Dr. and he diagnosed me with leg tensor fascia lata syndrome. I know, it sounds like some malady that a character from the Incredibles gets if they haven’t had their morning brew. I think it means I have an inflamed muscle, tendon, or something like that. The Dr. explained it, but I had my three girls with me, so I probably only understood half of what he said.
The whole things boils down absolutly no Turkey trot, which was to be my first official 10K, this weekend. My half-marathon, in a month, is also in danger of getting axed. There is still some hope. I’m going to start immediately with a physical therapist, special exercises, lot’s of ibuprofen, ice and of course a lot of prayer. I should know more, in a week or two, about whether or not I have to drop a dream or live it.
The best part of the whole conversation with my Dr., yesterday, was that I have a problem common in runners. Being compared to other runners was a revelation to me. Yes, I have completed three 5K races and two sprint triathlons, but I never thought of myself as an athlete; just someone trying to slowly get to some first-time in my lifetime goals. But yesterday, I arrived! I realized all the hard work had achieved something I hadn’t realized. I am a true athlete. Although super slow and uncoordinated, I’m a runner. And yesterday I finally realized it. And by-golly this athlete is worth a pair of shoes worth $120.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I Wish I were an Enchantress

It seems that I have been more busy than usual lately. This week have had multiple Dr. appointments, emergency vehicle repairs that couldn’t wait, and neighbors that need help in the next minute kind of stuff. So in order to take advantage of the best time for me to teach my girls, which is morning, I’ve had to assemble a School-on-the-Go-Bag for the car. Usually I throw it together as we are running out the door but I’d like to take it to the next level and have some activities prepared ahead of time. Quiet activities, however have eluded me so far.
Lea does great with reading in the car, which amazes me because I am one of those people who if I glance at a book for longer than a minute, I have to roll down the window for fresh air or pull over and lose my cookies. In my case it would probably be a Chocolate, blueberry, Peanut Butter Protein Breakfast Shake. Rolling down the window in winter however might mean a face full of water, especially with all the rain.
For some reason Lea’s slow, though emotional rendition of her story fails to grab the attention of her two sisters. Princess points at passing signs and giggles with glee when she can spy the alphabet letter she is learning. Hope just babbles… constantly, I might add. If she is lucky enough to have a toy in her clutch, then it’s the toy she is babbling too. If she is pretending that the toy is talking, then her voice goes all squeaky high. If she doesn’t have a toy then she is trying to confiscate Lea’s reading book. And since she’s two, if she doesn’t get it then you certainly hear about it in a not so nice way. So imagine all three noises as the same time. I try my best to listen as Lea spells out a word she just can’t quite get. I help her sound it out.
“Mom, did you see the D? There was a D on that sign. I didn’t know McDonald’s had a D in it. Mom there’s a D in McDonalds.” says Princess about six times before I can say,
“Yes, honey, now see if you can find a J.”
“I forgot. What does a J look like?”
“An upside down candy cane.”
“I want a candy cane.”
“We don’t have any right now, maybe closer to Christmas”.
“M, Y, S, T, E, R, I, O, U, S, what does that say?”
“When is Christmas”
“Next month, sweetie. Mysterious”
“Why is Christmas, Mysterious?”
“It isn’t honey, I was just helping Lea with a word”
“Waaaaa”, from Hope who is trying to get out of her seat belt again and has her arm caught.
“Are you stuck?”
“I suck” says Hope who obviously doesn’t know how to pronounce the T sound.
“Hahahaha,” from both sisters,
“Don’t laugh. It’s not a nice word.”
“I suck, I su…….(well you know what Hope keeps repeating until I can pull over, re-belt her and try and get Lea and Princess back to their activities. It takes some patience and a change of subject, by then Hope is squeaking at her toy, Princess find a J on the Jiffy Lube sign and Lea is spelling E, N, C, H, A, N, T, R, E, S, S. Sometimes I wish I were an Enchantress and could make sense of it all. It is still fun and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. And they say that driving with a cell phone in your ear is distracting. Try driving with kids.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

What a little sleep will do.

I'm one of those people who don't like change. My body has an internal clock and I knew I would be waking up at the same time this morning as I did yesterday morning, regardless of the time change. I was right. Wide awake at 4:45 a.m. isn't the funnest thing. I didn't stay in bed too long, maybe a half hour max. I figured that maybe we could actually leave for church on time today if I did a little kid stuff prepping.
Being late, even by 30 seconds, is one of my biggest pet peeves. Well we left about the same time we always do. I shoot to be in the car by 8 a.m., which means we usually leave by 8:20. Yes with six kids it happens. Even when you remind them of the time every 10-15 minutes all morning long. Evo-man misplace the socks I gave him, Lea forgot her activity pad, I misplaced the keys and like clockwork the baby decided to fill her diaper right after her coat when on. Those extra twenty minutes are my stresser, but I'm getting better about it now. That's why I shoot for 8. Even if we leave around 8:20 we usually get there by 8:40 which gives my kids plenty of time to get a drink, use the restroom, help set up chairs, or prepare the sacrament, before church starts at 9 a.m.
Today, I was amazed at how many cars there were in the parking lot. Apparently a few families had forgotten about the time change. I smiled because I've been there and done that one as well too, usually in the spring when it meant that we missed an hour.
My great husband was even kind enough to let me take a nap this afternoon to make up for my early-up time. So I can't complain about the time change this year too much. The extra hour did wonders for my kids. They all had a great day and even made it through church meetings awake. (This is rare for my boys) And as a parent, kids having great days makes it all worth it.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

The O.D.D. Child

I’m going out on a limb posting this one. Who wants to read a depressing blog? But in the name of honesty, here it goes. We took our pre-teen son to the hospital this morning after a 1 ½ hour temper tantrum worthy of any two year old. He suffers from Severe Depression, which we have been treating with every recommended idea by his counselor and physiatrist. Over the past couple of months they have also tagged him with O.D.D. A year ago I would have blamed myself. Of course when your kids have problems you automatically try to pinpoint what exactly you did wrong that made your child this way. Was it because I didn’t read to them enough at bedtime, didn’t take Omega-3 capsules when I was pregnant, maybe it was the trauma of moving to a new home, in a different state, when they were just 15 months old?
All I could do wasn’t enough. I think I finally realized that I had read every book I thought could offer some real suggestions,changed the diet of the entire family, got rid of the Satellite Dish, switched his schools, finally even tried medication. Prayed, read scriptures, attended multiple parenting classes all for one child’s struggles. I must spend more time, physical and mental energy, finances and then some, on this son than my other 5 children combined. Have I done enough? I don’t think so. Giving up on a child is not on my to-do list. I love this little guy so much.
This morning he did some things that his counselor told us we needed to take seriously and even consider hospitalization for. It was a decision my husband and I have been dreading but we knew we needed more help. Our son didn’t want to go and we even had to call 911 before he agreed to get in the car. Coming along, even reluctantly, with many tears, pleading and desperation, I think helped the fact that after spending 3 ½ hours in the emergency room he was able to go back home with us. How will this child cope with life as an adult if he can’t learn to handle himself now? Will he be able to overcome the hurdles he places in front of his self? Take responsibility for his actions and not blame everyone else? I pray he will. Meanwhile, as his Mom, I’m willing to do anything it takes, even if that means letting him deal with the consequences of his actions.
I can’t save him from the bad choices he sometimes makes, only he can do that. But, I can love him unconditionally, praise him when he does well, and encourage him in the right direction. Even though it sometimes seems to be almost unbearably frustrating, I will continue to calmly respond even when things are going so wrong. That’s something that is very hard for me. Trying to stay calm is one of my biggest challenges but I’ll do anything for him, because I am a mother, I’m his mother, and I love him.