Friday, June 26, 2009

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Party!

First a Big Thank You to Vanessa for hosting this Mad Party! What a remarkable artistic kindred spirit she is. To see all the other Mad participants you can visit A Fanciful Twist.

mad party

The day began with the tinkling of china tea cups being taken off their dusty shelves.

Summer 384

And a flurry of last minute sugary sprinkling.

Summer 382

Topsy Turvey Yum Yums, although clumsily decorated, eagerly awaited the party guests.

The table was set but where were the tea party feasters???

No where to be found.

This wouldn’t do. The Mad Tea Party needed some guest or it’s hostess would dissolve into a puddle of tears. She had just spent the entire day in the kitchen preparing her delicious treats.

Summer 400

When who should come to her rescue?

I know your thinking the Mad Hatter (Mr.. Lovee Himself)?

Not exactly. But she was graced with the arrival of the Mad Madder Himself. Who arrived in the Nick of Time although Late. He’s always Late! Which drives the Hostess Mad.

Summer 399

And why was he Late? Because he picked up a bunch of character’s from the Mad House. (Whose images are slightly blurred to protect their mental identity.) But Come On – Gilligan?, Barbossa?, and Mrs.. Clause (although I can see how she’d go mad working with and feeding thousands of elves all day).

‘Oh well, how bad can it get?’ thought the hostess. At least the Queen of Hearts didn’t show up and demand her head.

Even the guests were suspicious of each other.

Summer 393

So despite her misgivings she proceeded to serve the hungry inmates loonies.

Summer 409

And it seemed for the first few minutes things would go splendidly, the party was a success and the hostess poured the drink and relaxed.

Summer 405

Then it happened. Someone complained.

That did it. After slaving all day in the kitchen, arranging flowers, greeting crazy mad guests – the Hostess Lost it. And sadly the first person to feel her reaction was the Mad Madder himself. He took a direct hit of Banana Cream Pie to the noggin. And he came up smiling – Official proof of his Madness!

Summer 413

The madness began to spread and soon it was apparent that everyone present was insanely mad. Except one neighbor girl who sanely ran quickly home to report the madness and probably vowed to never accept another invitation to the Mad Hostess’s parties.

As for the Mad Hostess – she got nailed as well. Serves her right – the Mad Lady!

Other than the neighbor girl there was only one causality. Poor little Hope who consistently covers herself with dirt, marker and food on a daily basis couldn’t handle the fact that mom the Mad Hostess actually dumped noodles on her head. Apparently the only mess that is acceptable to her is the one she creates herself. Who’d have known? The Mad Hostess is now saving her pennies for Hope’s future therapy sessions.

Summer 412

Other than Hope the rest of the party’s attendee’s surprisingly claimed the Mad Tea Party a roaring success! The highlight of their evening, if not day (week would probably be pushing it)! And the real reason it was a success is probably because they didn’t stick around to clean up the mess.

Thank heavens for pressure washers.

Summer 419

Ahhhhh, it might take a while for the Mad Hostess to clean all this up.

Oh and thanks for joining us for our Mad Adventure in Wonder(what they were thinking) land.


The Mad Hostess – AKA Fawndear

More magic… well kind of…

So the girls woke up this morning and I remembered that I had left the fairy party lights on over night for the fairies. So being the money/energy conscience mom that I am I sent Lea out back to unplug the lights. She came storming back into the house saying the fairies had come.

So we dragged our still pajama clad bodies out into the backyard to to the scene of last night’s festivities and look at what we found.

Summer 361

A fairy(?) flower ring in the grass. The girls were totally enthralled. In fact I’ve had a hard time keeping them in the house at all today. Seems the fairies have finally tempted them away from their regular forms of electronic entertainment. Yahoo! Princess kept checking on her new fairy house to see if any visitors had dropped by.

Summer 364

I wasn’t about to tell them that I happened to spy some teenage brothers garden gnomes out early this morning helping the flowers into the ground.

In other news I’m famous. Disney thinks so highly of me they’ve decided to base one of their Pixie Hollow darlings on me. I’m beyond thrilled. They nailed my likeness down to the long brown hair, brown eyes, bangs and other oddities.

Summer 367

See she even looks good in brown. And thankfully Fawn is the most modest fairy of the whole bunch at pixie hollow. The only thing Disney forgot to do was send me my complimentary doll as a thank you for naming one of their new fairies after me.

Summer 366

oh well, I just had to get a copy of me for myself. Can you blame me? My girls are jealous. I haven’t let them play with her yet. The doll that is – they get to play with the real life version every day.

I’ve been busily brewing up a Mad storm in the kitchen getting ready for the Mad Hatter Tea Party on Saturday.

Mad Tea Party

You should join us. Should be madly fun.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fly Home Sweet Sadie

butterfly angel

Sadie flew home to a joyous reunion with her Heavenly Father this morning.  It’s been an honor getting to know her wonderful family through her blog.  Please continue to keep her family in your prayers.


Now she can finally dance again!  Fly on Sweet Sadie!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mid-summer Ups and Downs

It has been an emotional roller-coaster day. From a funeral for an amazing young man this morning to a celebration of imagination this evening with my girls.

Summer 259

My feelings are very tender right now but, I wasn’t going to cancel our celebration because I need to seize the happy moments and create and cling to them so my kids know how much I love them.

Please, Please, Please keep Sadie and her family in your prayers. It’s almost time.

I’m finally feeling like my old self – minus the extra energy. But I’m sure it’s not that far off.

So down to the happy news. The day the girls and I were waiting for finally arrived. And we finally had our Fairy Day Party!

First thing this morning, with Prince Erik’s help, I downloaded a bunch of favorite fairy songs from I-tunes and made the our very own Fairy playlist including favorites from the New Tinker Bell movie, the various Peter pan movies, Enya and much more. So throughout the day our ears feasted on fairy music. And when my feet were not dancing, my heart was.

This evening we donned our wings, fairy face paint and took our party outdoors – music and all. Hope the neighbors didn’t mind.

We read fairy books…

Danced to our heart’s content…

Summer 282

Built fairy houses in the garden…

Summer 345

Searched the grass for fairies.

Summer 271

And drank some Raspberry-Lemonade Fairy Berry Punch. The setting was a bit cold and windy at first but then it settled down into a beautiful evening.

Summer 330

Where not even the red-neck pitchfork light pole could distract from the atmosphere.

Summer 328

Such an enchanting evening.

Summer 321

Full of magical fairy lights, music, giggling children and lots of smiles.

I am so making the a yearly tradition.

Summer 355

The wee ones are tuckered out and will soon be tucked in bed. I think however I’ll leave the light’s on tonight and spy through the window to see if the fairies come to enjoy them.

Summer 358

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Fairy Tree

We’ve been putting on the finishing touches of our plans to celebrate Fairy Day on Wednesday. Today the girls and I made some no-sew tutu’s, and put the finishing touches on our fairy wear. You can see the instructions over at MommyBlessings.

Summer 179

Then we decided to invite the most important guests to our celebration. So we picked a few of our ripe raspberries.

Summer 190

Wrote a special note to the Fairies.

And took our journey to the nearby river. There we followed a secret and mostly hidden path.

Summer 195

Careful not to disturb the plants or hurt any living thing.

Summer 219

Soon we came to an old enchanted tree.

Summer 196

The boys and I found this tree a few years ago as we were searching the river bend for a band of roving pirates. We knew immediately it was an enchanting tree. Hollow nearly through and through yet it’s branches are still miraculously so full of vivid green life. When one of my favorite versions of Peter Pan hit the theaters I was stunned by the similarities it had to the Fairy Tree in Never, Never Land.

Neverland Fairy Tree

It is enchanting. Full of many many hollowed out chambers for it’s many fairy tenants.

Summer 200

I’m convinced that one day we too may glimpse the fairies here, or at least see some of the glimmer sparkling from their fairy homes.

Summer 213

We kept our visit short and left a little ribbon wrapped invitation for the fairies to join us on Mid-Summer’s Eve.

Summer 210

We also left some raspberries and a cup from our fairy tea set.

Summer 202

Hopefully they will be curious enough to take us up on our invitation.

Summer 206

When we took our leave of the enchanted tree Hope spied some pixie flowers on the ground.

Summer 227

I hope the fairies won’t be too upset that we picked some. The girls want to press them and make something magical.

Can you tell I’m excited for tomorrow. I’m such a kid – this is too much fun.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hugging Kids – Forget the Germs.

Hopefully I’m still not contagious because my kids are getting lots of hugs and loves from mom.  Germs be Darned! 


I figure if they haven’t caught it after 2  1/2 weeks then they are already immune.  Went back to the Dr. on Saturday only to find out they had misdiagnosed me on Wednesday.

 Summer 075

Don’t you like the new fashion statement.  And even while I was wearing it everyone still gave me a wide berth.  I guess my bark was pretty scary.  Trying to take my pulse and look down my throat while standing 10 feet away is quite the stretch, but they managed.  Like I was their personal demon sent to torture them. 

Turn’s out I had Bronchitis.  So now I’m finally on medication that helps me breath without hacking.  I’m in love with cough medicine with Codeine.  I’m going to have to destroy the meds when I’m feeling better so I’m not tempted to go to Codeine la-la land to escape.   Now I’m just grateful to be sleeping again.

Why so much hugging!  It’s been a sad weekend.  Friday was the last day of school, and a normally joyous occasion.  However a friend of my older boys was killed in a tragic car accident on the way home from school.  Makes you suck in a deep breath and re-prioritize on the spot.  Can’t let a moment, let alone day, go by without my kids knowing how much I love them – regardless if they are trying to send me to the Looney Bin with their antics.  You never know when something like this can ring your bell.

‘ Ah…, mom, why are you hugging me again?’

‘Cause I love you!’

‘Yeah, okay, thanks.’

I’m sure the rolling of the eyes, and look debating my mental stability will eventually go away when they get used to my actions.

I’ve also been touched because sweet Sadie is getting close to finishing her earthly mission.  Again and again I am humbled and moved by the faith of Sadie and her family.  She’s been battling this monster for 15 months.  Keep her family and all those suffering in your prayers.

So I’ve been spending a lot of time with the girls lately just trying to have fun and also getting them ready for our families first celebration of Fairy Day.  

fairy day

Today we  finished our fairy wings and we’ve started trying to clean up the dwelling we call home. 

Summer 118

I’ve read that fairy’s are partial to neat and tidy places and they’ll play pranks on lazy, clutter creatures. It’s enough to motivate me to enlist my little kids help in the whole tidy-up process.  I’m not that good at being on the receiving end of being pranked.

We’ve also been experimenting on our fairy faces.

Summer 043

I’m having as much fun as a kid at the carnival getting ready.  I’ve posted how to make the fairy wings over at my other home MommyBlessings.

It makes sense to every once in a while just throw off the concerns of the world, the nasty news, and concentrate on spending quality time with the kids, playing with them, making memories, loving them.  And I fully intend to do a lot of that this summer.