Sunday, October 21, 2007

Procrastination Over

Wish I would have started this blog two years ago. I would have loved to see the transformation in myself and family more fully cronicled. Change takes time, and with all the changes in my life I've decided that now is still a great time to start my blog. I'm no where near done with all the changes I want to make. So starting tonight, I'll hopefully be leaving a fun place to visit. Somewhere where we can remember all the fun, crazy, insane, motivational, cluttered, hectic, inspirational, what-were-you-thinking girl moments of time in the life of my family and me. Why read me? In short, I'm a 30 something mom of 6 active (7 if you include my husband - which I will) kids ranging in age from two teenagers, one pre-teen going on know-it-all, an elementary diva, a kinder princess, and a curly topped two year old bundle of noise and joy. You will go on some adventures with my three boys, Abner, T-Rev, and EvoMan, plus grow to love my girls, Lea, Princess, and Hope. Within my posts you see how I deal or don't deal with homeschooling my girls, try to get in shape, manage my many blessings, deal with special needs children, see if I can follow a budget for more than a day, navigate a home full of chaos and clutter, make myself a priority, and type with a two year old in my lap. If I can figure it out I'll also include pictures. But one thing at a time. Tonight is my start and hopefully you'll want to join our wild and crazy family to visit every now and then. If it works right...

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Kes said...

I started at the opposite end and worked back to your first post. Just skimmed and looked at pictures.

Oh do you do it? I liked your before and after cleaning photos. Congrats on the new bodies, you both look beautiful!

I posted your "Living a Dream" page on my blog to
encourage others.
You have a beautiful family. May God watch over all of you... always. :)