Friday, April 3, 2009

Snow and Show

So it’s tried to snow during the early morning hours of many days this week.  Thankfully it didn’t stick.  Snow be thou GONE!!!

On second thought, maybe I should pray that it hangs around. 


After two straight days of near freezing constant downpour the sun peaked itself out from behind our ever present clouds…


a conversation like this ensued when my husband called me from work.

“Hi Hon, how’s your afternoon going?”  Prince Erik

‘O.K.  I’m a little tired.  Hope decided to take off on me again today.’

‘The weather must be getting warmer.’

‘Wearing only her underwear.’

‘It must really be getting warmer.’

Fortunately when I discovered the little vanishing sprite gone it was about the same time I ran into the neighbor bringing her home.  The little vexing vixen.

I guess Hope considers 49 degree’s warm enough to strip down and prance around outside. 

So the couch is now blocking the back door. 


Heaven help us when the temperatures rise above 50 degree’s Fahrenheit, or when she discovers that the couch is easy enough to push out of the way.

And Heaven help the neighbor’s view because she might turn into a streaker.

Maybe I should purchase her this little tutu from Sugar Plum Fairy Princess.

jingle bell tutu

Although I may have to replace those tiny jingle bells with Cow bells in order to hear the little sneak.


Treasure Ann said...

I would love to see snow fall. In the south we don't get much. That's an idea about the bells. Why not tie some on the door. :) Have a great day.

Natalie said...


Um, good idea with blocking the door ;-)

I was a total escape artist/little run away when I was younger. It was quite stressful on my folks & grandma.

Love the tutu idea...maybe add Lo/Jack?


Nat :)

Trena Doll said...

Surely technology has advanced to the point that children can be implanted with GPS tracking devices...I mean, they can do it with cars.

You may want to start telling Hope scarier stories about the monsters who live just outside the yard, and the bogeyman who wanders suburban neighborhoods looking for naked, wandering children to gobble up for dinner. I mean, if she believes in fairies...

Tink said...

I would certainly treasure seeing her prancing and preening! Ha. But I am so ready for spring to actually spring!! My daughter was an escape artist too. One moment I could hear her playing, then it would go dead silent. I'd go checking on her and she'd be no where to be found. I'd go traipsing up and down the neighborhood looking for her. She was always off visiting with some neighbor. Scared me constantly! So I'm glad you moved the couch in front of the door!

~Susan:) said...

I still have wind chimes and bells on all doors that lead to outside, a remnant from the not so distant toddler days...