Monday, May 18, 2009

Mud Monster Mayhem

Mayhem might be an appropriate description of the month of May in our home. Lots of good mayhem and some bad as well. I apologize for being so absent (in more ways than one) over the past 18 days.

Tonight I’m breathing a huge sigh of relief because the garden is Planted! All of it! Done! Whippee! Just in time for the rain. It’s nearly triple the size it was at it’s largest. I promise some before and after pictures soon. I realize the work isn’t done because no sooner have the plants started poking their tender shoots out of the ground then the the weeds start rearing their ugly tops as well. So I know it will be a long haul but I’m totally invigorated by the thoughts of constant dirt under my nails. Maybe the farm girl in me is awakening after all.

My girls loved working in the garden with me, boys - not so much. Little Hope took every opportunity she could to play in the dirt, and when lucky, the mud puddle as well.

Some of the other frantic stuff that’s been happening in our neck of the woods is, well, rather frantic. A little over a week ago (in the middle of the night) I had a proper scare when I discovered my sleeping Hope not breathing. I snatched her up and she immediately started breathing again, but it nearly put me into shock. I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night as I was hyper sensitive to her every breath. She would stop breathing for periods of 5-8 seconds (an eternity to a worried mom), twitch, then start breathing again. Who ever heard of a three year old with sleep apnea. I took her to the clinic the next day and we’ve now got her scheduled for appointments, sleep studies and possible tonsillectomy. The doctor said she had some big-uns that could be obstructing her airways while sleeping but we won’t know for sure until after the studies. Oh, and he told me not to worry – that’s been hard to do. I must check on her 4-5 times a night I’m so paranoid.

Princess flunked her well child eye exam with the doctor and so today we visited the eye doctor and lo and behold the darling needs glasses. Far-sighted little sweetie might actually be able to read now. She’s tickled pink that she’s the first kid in our family to get glasses.

I finished my six week Helga workout and survived. Completed every challenge.

Good news – I lost 10 lbs of fat!!!

Bad news – I gained 8 lbs of muscle :(

Only 2 lbs for six grueling weeks. T-rev did it with me and won one of the prize drawings. Get this – Exercise your kiester off and they put your name in a drawing to win fabulous prizes. He won tickets to a movie theater and a Domino Pizza certificate. I think they want him to enjoy those certificates so that he will have to continue to come in to lose the weight he’ll gain participating in those yummy activities. Smart marketing?

I got a plaque saying I survived the fitness challenge – All umpteen categories of the challenge.

So much more happened - maybe I'll come up for air and tell you about it sometime. Right now I'm just going to sit back and listen to the rain patter on the roof and windows, and envision all those juicy veggies popping up out of the ground.


utmomof 5 said...

Oh scary stuff!! I don't think I could sleep either if my child stopped breathing! That is sort of a neccesary part of survival :)

That may just be the most priceless picture EVER!!!! It needs a frame around it :)

Shannon said...

Oh Dear Fawn, what a brave mommy you are. That must have been so scarry!!! I can't even imagine! How did you notice she wasn't breathing? Does she sleep with you? I hope you both get some rest soon!
Great job on the fat loss, muscle gain!! That's really the best!! Hope you have a nice time listening to the rain. Wishing you and your family some peaceful days to come...
Take care,

Dawn said...

I almost stopped breathing when i read about sweet Hope, i love her so much she is such a love bug. We need to do a play date and you and i can also play in the dirt. i hope all her test come out ok, I just love her picture, what a sweet princess she is. You are very brave i would of taken Rachel to the hospital that night, I go and check on her also. My prayer will be with her. i also love to play in the dirt, can we come over and play?

Lisa Olander said...

Fawn, reading about Hope made me remember all those times with Sir Son. I will keep you both in my prayers. I have missed your blogs. They are wonderful should become a professional storyteller!