Friday, November 26, 2010

How Dedicated Am I?

Since the Upstairs is Mostly Done,  I had a huge task this week.  Find a table to eat Thanksgiving on.  I’ve got several tables in my home but they were piled high with stuff.  I think it’s been 3 or so months since we squeezed all of our family around the same table for dinner.  Pathetic right?  Usually we clear off little corners for a kid in one room and another in the kitchen.  A lot of us have been sitting on the floor or chowing down on dinner while standing. 

I promise that there is a honking large table under that pile of clutter. 

Summer 1343 

This is a Before/After Hoarding  (Haven’t Painted and decorated Yet).  That will hopefully happen over the next couple of weeks.  The Dinning Room!

Summer 1345

And on Thanksgiving morning…

Summer 1440

It felt so good to sit around this table.

Summer 1441

And I know it will feel even better when Ms. Passion helps me make over the room.

I’m amazed that I still want this transformation as heartily as I did on day 1 of my Self (Hoarding) Awareness.  Now I’ve got proof of how badly I want this.

Proof about how dedicated I am at the De-Hoarding.  Want to know what it is.  I just listed my precious obsession on EBay.

Summer 563

My First Print, First Edition, Autographed Obsession.  It’s not that I’m not still obsessed.  (Just a wee bit).  It’s that having a peaceful home is so much more important.  Are you not proud of me?  I am.  The things I really love are my Family, not rare autographed books.  However, I do hope they bring in a little $ to help pay for the Beautifying process of my Home.   Wish me Luck.


Nancy said...

Love it Fawn! As usual, you are inspiring me!

The Trio said...

Wow! Your room looks wonderful....wish we could have enjoyed the day with you. You are amazing Fawn...the whole Ashby clan.

Katy Cameron said...

The dining room looks great already, can't wait to see the 'finished product' you're doing so well with this!

Susanne said...

LOVING all the wonderful transormations! Can't wait to see more! The bathroom is unbelievable! All your hard work has definitely paid off.

P.S. Thank you soooooo much for lending me that costume! I completely forgot to e-mail you and let you know that it worked out perfectly. Kaitlyn absolutely LOVED it! I have yet to get a nice picture of them in their costumes (darn rain we've been having...) and now that it's almost December, I'm not sure if I ever will. But she looked adorable on halloween. You're the best! ;)

Trena Doll said...

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. I'm thankful for you :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Good luck! Your dining room looks pretty already.

rosemary said...

Seeing your clutter-free rooms, gives me hope for myself.
I am so happy for you, especially because you had Thanksgiving dinner around the family table.
I am sure that you will soon be whipping up curtains and things for the diningroom. You are very talented, FawnDear.

~Mama Cayman ;) said...

Wow! What an amazing effort, Fawndear! Keep up the inspirational work! (Although I am cringing at bit at the idea of giving up signed first editions of ANY book! You are REALLY dedicated!)