Saturday, February 26, 2011

When Fawn meets fawn…

Yesterday a familiar face wandered into our neighborhood.  I’d seen him with his mom earlier last fall.  But today Mommy Deer was nowhere to be found.  I, of course, was worried for the little guy, especially when he let myself and my kids get this close.

New Year 366

He came no closer than four feet away and I was mesmerized.

New Year 367

He paused long enough to get a good look then off he went as graceful as could be.

Today the poor little darling came back.  Alone.  I now fear the his Mom is gone for good.  Probably the victim of an accident with a car.  I’ve seen way to many deer along the side of the road near our rural town.

New Year 1822

I reluctantly let Lea take out some apples for the little fellow. 

New Year 1823

He gobbled them right up.

New Year 1817

I know we can’t continue to give him treats or become too friendly with him.  If he gets too used to us, then it will be so much easier for him to get hurt by the next car driving along.  He’s just so small and my heart breaks that he’s alone.

New Year 1821

So we’ll watch from our front window and wish him well.

New Year 1824

And be grateful that he graced us with his presence.


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Beautiful fawn. My heart breaks for the little guy being all alone.

Anonymous said...

Fawn the 1st movie I ever seen was the Yearling and I alway wanted to raise a fawn. And I had you and was able to to that. I wished I was back on the farm and I think I would still would want to take it in. I think it is wonderful your kids got to see how beautiful they are. Love Mom-ah

Leanne said...

Lovely. And sad. Keep us posted.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Aw, little deer. I hope he finds some others to help him along. They do belong in herds.

Arrow said...

Gabriela and Isabella were doing a lot of oohing and awing as we looked at this post. As you can imagine, they were very envious.

Sometimes Farmer said...

Plenty old enough to be on his own. Doesn't mean he's orphaned, just growing up.