Thursday, August 4, 2011


Since my last post…

Spring 870

I’ve had Surgery in Two Hands

Helped run a Family Reunion in one State

Helped run another Family Reunion in another State

Certified as a Ropes Course Instructor – don’’t know how my body managed that one.

Attended a Week of Girls Camp – no one told me lack of sleep came with the event.

Made over 300 rope bracelets.  (More about that later)

Improved my belly flopping technique.

Been a Ma on a Pioneer Handcart Trek – Always was last into camp, but had the biggest smile on my face the whole time.

Dusted off my mad harmonica skills too.

Sewed three pioneer dresses, two aprons, three bonnets, and one pair of bloomers.

Held Two separate Garage Sales and the garage is still bursting with stuff.

Church Calling Duties too numerous to list.

Learned a new talent:  Whip Cracking – I know, crazy.  Can snap that cracker three different ways. – Comes in handy when trying to impress pioneer youth, and keeping kids in line.

Had my new (anniversary gift) camera Stolen.  Stupid Seattle.

Found it on Craigslist.

Cops did nothing so we lost it for good.  Stupid Seattle.

Husband took pity or got tired of me moaning about it and bought me a new one.

Sent kids off to Especially for Youth for a week.

Sent husband and boys off White Water Rafting for another week.

Continue to work on my dehoarding & the interior of my home.

Lost 27 lbs.

Found 23 lbs.  (Sigh).

I should take up yo-yo’s.  I’d probably be really good at it.

It’s been my craziest summer ever… and… I’m almost back. 

with pictures.

Missed you all.




SarahS said...

Missed you too:) Sounds like a crazy/busy/Fun summer!

Rosemary said...

What a busy time you have had. I was so glad to see your post, though. I am sorry to hear you had to have surgery, but hopefully, you will be as right as rain.

Toni said...

I have missed you my friend, and if you where in UT for one of the reunions and didnt get in contact with me, YOUR IN BIG TROUBLE SISTER.. Oh about Trek, My DH cookd for our Youth Stake Trek, missionairs over it said it was the best food they have had yet. lol, what do you expect from someone that owned a catering bus.. Miss ya, luffs.