Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Lights Bingo

Every year, usually the Sunday before Christmas, we take our family on a drive around town to view the beautiful Christmas lights.


Having a large herd of kids, there tends to always be one or two who just don’t have the patience the rest of us have.  So a couple of years ago my husband started rattling off Christmas objects for the kids to keep their eyes peeled for. That helped them enjoy the ride a bit more. 

This year we made them a little Christmas Lights Bingo Page.  I’ll try and link them soon.


I printed them out and glued them to a colored piece of cardstock, then laminated the sheets.

They loved them.  I let them use dry erase markers to cross off the Christmas objects that they did spy.   And the teenagers were just as engaged with our Christmas lights adventure as my little ones.


Viewing the Christmas lights was never more enjoyable.

IMG_5872 (2)

When we got home we used a little magic eraser and wiped our  bingo sheets clean.  That way we won’t have to create them again next year.  I’ll just slip them in my Christmas planner and they will be ready to go the next time we take a light adventure. 



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