Monday, December 10, 2007

Jedi's versus Princess Stuff

And the Jedi's win!

Don’t get me wrong, the princesses were everything they were meant to be. Pretty, nice, sweet talking and great picture posers. But, you had to pay an arm and a leg to have breakfast with them or stand in line with a million other little princess wanna-be’s for hours only to see 2 out of the 3 princesses you were supposed to see. Or stand in line only to have them run off for a royal engagement with only 2 people in between you and them. Yes, I would do it all again because my girls ate it up.

My Princess especially wanted to see Jasmine. She and her sisters had watched the DVD of Aladdin in the car maybe 6 times in the last week and a half. And wouldn’t you know it, Jasmine happened to be the hardest one to find. We saw her plenty of times but couldn’t actually talk to her or get her to sign their princess books. One time after we just missed her Princess started to cry and it took a while to let her know we still had a day and a half to try again.
Finally… the third and final day of Disneyland and the last activity we went to before going back to our relative’s home. We decided to go Aladdin & Jasmine’s Story Tale Adventure. And this was after going to Disney’s Aladdin – A Musical spectacular earlier in the day in the California Adventure Park. Fortunately for us it wasn’t too crowded and my girls sat up front on the carpets with the other kids.
Periodically they would choose certain kids from the audience to play the parts of different characters in the story. When it came time to choose the tall, dark, mean Jafar they choose the total opposite and selected my Princess. She was on cloud nine, and got a special button to boot. So... Perfect ending for her.

My Lea, on the other hand was more interested in the Jedi training academy. We ended up going to the show three different times. The first time they selected Princess to be a Jedi padowon trainer but after she learned her moves and realized that she would actually have to fight a very real looking Darth Maul or Darth Vadar she broke out crying and they didn’t actually make her fight.

The next two shows we went to Lea had the prime picking location picked out and was selected for both shows. She actually did well enough on one show that they picked her to be the final fighter.

Hope loved the ‘Horsey’s fun’ Carousel , It’s a Small World, Dumbo Flight and the Teacups.

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