Monday, August 10, 2009

Warning: crafting + boating = hurling

If your prone to motion sickness then crafting while sitting on a boat in water may not be the best use of your time. I’m a major boat wimp. I felt queasy within being on the boat after 10 minutes and that was in calm water – tethered to a dock. Had I been on the open water and I might have just lost my cookies. But I agreed to spend the weekend with Evo-man on Prince Erik’s boat.

sick of motion

Seeing that we would have lots of spare time I brought craft projects along with me to kill time. But darn if I didn’t start feeling sick within minutes of trying to focus on them. Evo-man had better success than I did. So I just sat back and instructed him on how to make fun little pirate trinkets out of bottle caps.

Had a couple of fun Fawn firsts again. Nearly four decades old I am (I know I’m insane to publish that), I mean being a super young whipper-snapper that I am. Somehow I’ve never seen turtles or beavers in the wild. Until this weekend that is.

Summer 1163

This little fellow was about 10 inches and was about the only one I could snap a picture of. There’s this beautiful lily pond and beaver dam right next to the Marina and when you sit on a boat all day your bound to see a bit more of nature than you would with a quick glance.

Summer 1157

The turtles ranged in size from a couple of inches to probably a foot long. They didn’t like people looking at them and didn’t care for getting their picture taken either. But they were everywhere.

Evo-man and I also enjoyed the path by the lake that stretched on for miles and miles. Seems everyone else and their dog, bike and row team did too.

Summer 1156

But it was gorgeous and so I would pull my son along on walks that lasted for hours. Gorgeous I say.

Summer 1143

Clearly more than made up for the bouts of upset stomach. It wasn’t that bad – only when I tried to craft. How cruel it that? But there’s nothing like the lull of a gentle rock to put you to sleep at night. And the motion of the boat led me to dream and wonder about mermaids and what I would tell my girls about them when I came back home. I know that didn't make a whole lot of sense but we're still gearing up for our party. And Hope is determined to be a real mermaid.


blushing rose said...

You are a kick! The pics are beautiful, including the comic. TTFN ~Marydon

Tink said...

What beautiful scenery and I loved the turtle! I've never seen one in the wild either. Glad you had your kids go on walks and enjoy the the beauty of God's earth! Looks like a fun trip (oh, and like you, I get terrible seasickness)

Trena Doll said...

Walks that last for hours...nice.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ah, I suffer the same trials when I bring knitting or reading along in the van for a trip! it is So cruel. Glad you had a beautiful time, though.

Anonymous said...

Your comment about the mermaids made me think of my friend Misty telling me about how her son's first attempt at composing his own story involved a mermaid and a princess who got together to go save a prince. She was ridiculously pleased :-)

Lisa Olander said...

I love your blog and so glad you got to spend some quality time with your kids and nature. May your dreams come true...keep us up to date!