Sunday, August 2, 2009

Seafair Fun

Once a year Washingtonians put their pasty white bodies in swimsuits and converge on a beautiful lake close to Seattle. There’s pirates, parades, hydroplane races and a whole lake full of scantily clad drunk boaters.  Some go for the one reason or another.  We go for the Angels.

Summer 997

Prince Erik pulled his Pride and Joy out of mothballs and took the kids out for a day of fun.  It’s the first family trip we’ve taken the great white gas sucker on in over a year.  Stupid economic reasons won’t let us go more often.  But for one day we relaxed and had some fun and tried not to think about all the other worries we seem to be focused on.  It was heaven in so many ways because Prince Erik got to spend some good old QUALITY time with the kids after being out of town for over a week.  The icing on the cake was watching all the jet screaming, fly-by maneuvers of the Navy’s Blue Angels from the best seat in the house.  The Lake!  Boaters have the best view of the show.

Summer 992

Ahhrrrr!  Screaming Jet Engines are the perfect rejuvenation needed to slap a silly smile on my Princes Face.  

Summer 978

And when the shows over it’s easy just to toss the kids overboard (in a less drunk populated part of the lake) and watch them swim.  I think Hope’s part fish.

Summer 912

My kids love being thrown overboard.  ‘Do it again Daddy, PLLLeeeaaasssseee!’

  Summer 915

And when they get tired of swimming put them on the end of a rope and drag them around. 

Summer 923

They’ll smile soooo big, that they’ll be in danger of sucking down a few bugs while zipping along.  Ah, the good life.   Abner can’t resist trying to get some rays as well.  Nothing like a fresh coat of pinkish-red skin to cover up the normal northwest pale skin tone.

Summer 965 

The crowning glory happens when Mother Nature decided to put on her own show.  I never cease to get a thrill from seeing a majestic Bald Eagle in free flight.

Summer 917

To be honest I’d never seen one that wasn’t in captivity until we moved to the Northwest.  And even though I see them quite regularly, they still fill me with awe!  Love care-free days like this.  I definitely need more of them.


blushing rose said...

Until one has been to WA ST they cannot imagine the beauty of the lakes, the country side & the mountains. I miss that part of the state big time ...

Your pics of the lake are fantastic.

Oh, to be on my brother's boat fishing out there. TTFN ~Marydon

Trena Doll said...

What a blast! Wish I were there. Can't think of a better way to beat the heat than being thrown overboard. :)

Faith said...

Sounds like a great time! It's always nice to spend a relaxing day with the family.

Lisa Olander said...

Fawn, I love your posts and your family....may you have many more happy carefree days in the near future! The pictures are wonderful.

Tink said...

That Bald Eagle is awesome! Sadly, I think I've only seen one in the zoo! Looks like you had a wonderful time and the water right now is looking pretty divine considering we're at a 100 degrees.