Monday, February 15, 2010

Thank Goodness That’s Over

I ever so happily put the Valentine Decorations away today.  It’s never been a favorite holiday of mine.  Any other day of the year,  I’d love to receive flowers from my man.  But something about the 14th of February just takes the romance out of it.  That and my husband knows that chocolate is a banned substance for me as it brings on my tremors.  So the guy can’t win when his wife says no to flowers that die or chocolates that make her rock and roll.  Prince Erik tries but I just don’t dig it.  Last year my dear gave me 14 days of Valentines leading up to the big day.  It was one of his brighter moments, and he did a great job.  This year he teased that because he did 14 days of Valentines last year he’s covered for the next 13 years.

So you must imagine my overwhelming joy when I got this sweet child’s Valentine on Sunday.

Winter 567

Winter 566

And he threw in a  work retreat art project that his team got to do.  They went to a warehouse and blew glass.  So I got a paperweight from my big guy.  And no I’m not taking wagers on how soon it will get broken. 

 Winter 571

He told me that he thought of me the entire time he was making it, and that his turned out the best of all his co-workers, as theirs looked like lumps of poop.  I didn’t dare mention that the coloring of the inside of my magical little paperweight bore a striking resemblance to the innards of chickens I helped my dad gut when I was a farm girl.   I did like all the little bubbles and wisps of blue (my favorite color).  Almost magical. 

Winter 570

And in the off chance that Prince Erik does read this post.  I Love it dear.  Memories of  the present and past all in one peculiar little glass ball. 

See I can’t complain all I got him was a card.  Our budget was that good. 

Honestly we’re saving our pennies because in a couple of months we are going to try to remember to celebrate a couple of decades of wedded togetherness.

So back to packing up Valentines.  I did it first thing this afternoon and pulled out decorations for one of my favorite holidays.

Winter 575

I can’t wait for St. Patrick’s Day. 

Winter 578

It’s magical around our house.  Lots of Irish stories, crafts and food.

Winter 580

And a visit from the Wee Leprechauns themselves.

Winter 581

I have a feeling it’s going to be a great month.  I’m still begging for a new computer.  Turns out, my laptop was mostly dead, which means it wasn’t all dead.  The monitor is beyond resuscitation, but the darn noisy core still works if you hook it up to an external monitor.  Since I’m computer challenged I couldn’t figure out how to do it.  So Prince Erik graciously hooked it up for me this evening.  So I guess I’m still plugging away on a half dead beast.  I know, I know, yes I am grateful that part of it works.

Well, I’m off to see where if I can find where Hope put my new paperweight – She thinks it’s fairy treasure.


Sara said...

I love the paperweight! And I don't give two hoots about the Hallmark Valentine's Day, just SAINT Valentine who died for his faith.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ah, that is terribly romantic. You married well! We don't celebrate at ALL here, but I'm okay with that. But I'd take the occasional romantic surprise.

Natalie said...

Your computer was mostly dead... That sounds familiar, where have I heard it? Ah yes- The Princess Bride. My friend got me a copy of the book for my birthday, I can't wait to read it!

I need to start bugging my parents about making St. Patrick's Day a bigger "thing" in our family... hope you have fun!

princessmama said...

My MIL LOVES St. Patricks Day, she has had her decorations out for a month already :)

Shannon said...

Fawn! I'm baaack!

I missed you so much that I put your blog on the screen of my iPhone. So now I can stalk you whenever!

How is Hope? Adji has been a cat since we moved. She's really very good at it and has perfected the sulky slink away whenever she gets told 'no'.

Take care and I'll pop by much more often.


Arrow said...

You backed everything up, right?!

Lisa Olander said...

As usual, I love your blogs. I wish I was as creative as you! Valentine's is right up there with a root canal for me too. Your necklaces are beautiful but aparently my son has turned in to a "Hope"....his sister's necklace lasted 10 I gave her mine.