Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chasing Rainbows

Where’s Pollyanna when you need her?  It seems that when darn near everything is conspiring against you it would be helpful to have the little lady around.    Then you could either hug her tight and hope some of the gladness wore off on you, or you could give her a nice push and tell her she’s a wee bit Looney because there’s no way in Hat-ville that you can ever find anything to be glad about Unbloggables.

Then again if I don’t find something to be grateful for concerning the Unbloggable, well then, I might be cursed with it until I do.

So today we invited Pollyanna over.  The one from my favorite Disney version.

pollyanna crystals

And she thought that we might need some rainbows in our life.  So, being the glad starved mom that I am, I acquired some fairy attractors crystals at the local craft store.  The glass-cut kind that are nice and clear,  not the foggy plastic kind.  The plastic ones give off a hazy color smudge on your walls, but the real deals, well, they leave a bit of magic.

Next we strung them up on the bottom of my dining room window blinds and prayed for a magical break in the ever constant clouds.

Winter 399

And seeing how we live in a house of enchantment, the magic happened and we had a room full of rainbows to chase.

Winter 397

I do think I need to make a new house rule that you can only chase rainbows if you’ve washed your hands.

Winter 401

Na, on second thought, walls will wash but chasing rainbows doesn’t happen very often so you got to run when you can.  I tell you, the mood lifted right up after our little experiment.  Felt right good.

And when I’m feeling a bit down I just have to look around.  There is gladness, even in the darkest of places.  I think the stories that touch me the most out of Haiti are the people who are smiling, showing gratitude, singing praises.  And they’ve lost everything including loved ones.

Yet they are so grateful for a kind word, a bottle of water, a soothing hand.

So, I guess Pollyanna is alive and well.  There is still gladness to be found, and I intend to find it, catch it and share it.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

ah Fawn, you always make me smile. Thanks for this today! I needed it.

princessmama said...

My youngest son has been wanting to make rainbows ever since watching pollyanna :)

Natalie said...

All I have to say is :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Although, since you were chasing rainbows, I might as well add sunglasses B-) B-) B-) B-) B-) B-)

*Big smile (cause I'm speechless)*

Anonymous said...

oh! your rainbow catchers are simply beautiful! now I NEED to go find some of those crystals so I can have some rainbows too :)
BTW... Pollyanna was always one of my favorites as a girl.

Arrow said...

I'm sure your kids loved it! Thanks for sharing.