Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Magic

The girls and I sent off our Fairy Swap items a little late.  Hope they forgive us, but it was so hard to part with what we had made.  We were each supposed to create a Pixie Pouch using this pattern for our guide, and create 10 identical miniature fairy items.  In return we will receive a different Pixie Pouch created by another participant and 10 various fairy items. 

So here is what the wee ones and I came up with. 

I somehow (don’t ask how, because I don’t even know how) crocheted my Pixie Pouch.  I had to preload all the charms and beads on the thread before I even started. 

Spring 145

Can I just tell you I love the details on my pouch.  The silver beaded trim, fabric lining, charms and beads.  I really didn’t want to send it in.

Spring 149

Then for my 10 identical (except in color) fairy items I sent in miniature fairy purses.

Spring 163

Magic Swap beads included.

 Spring 158

Princess’s Pixie Pouch was all about our favorite Pixie Hollow fairies.

 Spring 165

Even her lining had magical surprises.

 Spring 168

Then we decorated 10 wee little hat boxes and each contained  a fairy hair wreath.

 Spring 172

Each little fairy hat was crocheted from very fine jewelry wire and beads and the skinniest ribbon you could find.

 Spring 170

Hopes bag was very whimsical.  And like all the bags my girls made could be reversible to show a matching complimentary design.

Spring 178

She even had a fairy friend waiting inside.

 Spring 179

Then she filled ten of the tiniest little, cork-topped vials with some magic dream dust.  The fairies helped her by collecting Magic Moonbeam dust (shower powder or baby powder mixed with ultra-fine non-toxic glitter).  That way whenever anyone wants sweet dreams they just have to sprinkle the littlest of pinches of Fairy Dream Dust on their pillow just before bed.

 Spring 182

The stickers we claimed from after holiday discounted Valentine Card sets.

Spring 187

And finally Lea’s bag.

 Spring 188

Complete with a simple but sweet crocheted trim.

 Spring 189

and stitched Butterfly surprise inside.

Spring 190

Her ten items were handmade miniature birds nests with magic eggs and wee little feathered friends.

Spring 195

I will put up tutorials of some of our projects soon on Mommy Blessings. 

Thanks again to Missy of Fairy Child Heirlooms Weblog for hosting such a fun swap.


princessmama said...

Oh my goodness, those are amazing! I am certain you will be forgiven a little lateness with all the prettiness, creativity, and adorableness!!

Love it all :)

Natalie said...

Those are so cute!!! I can't wait to try one!!! (Let's see how epically I fail.)

Trena Doll said...

the crocheted pixie pouch is incredible...oh talented one!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh how perfectly adorable!

Kathern said...

Thank you for your kind comments on my little items. The Pouches that you and your girls made are wonders. I just adore the little hat boxes.

Diane said...

All the projects were just wonderful. So creative.

Arrow said...

I'm sure Debs and the girls will be busy imitating some of your projects! They look great!

Yarni Gras! said...

totally SWEET!

Richins Family said...

Fawndear, you are amazing. I am glad you are passing it on to your girls.