Monday, March 29, 2010

When Inmates Run the Asylum

And the Loons are in control or so it feels.  Between cleaning up after mud splattered walls, clutter strewed family room and the Asylum vehicle running the funny farm patients to and fro, well, it’s nigh enough to drive the Nuthouse Director to darn near check herself into the facility.

Spring 631

Saw this here BeauTy while out driving the other day.  Udders and all.  Don’t you think this would make the perfect Funny Farm Vehicle for my crazy herd?  Kind of gives a new meaning to Mad Cow (which is one of the nicknames I have around these here parts).

And don’t even get me started on the weeping and wailing associated at dinner time when you try to feed the little wacko’s something green and healthy.  You would think I was trying to poison their little systems with something radioactive and toxic.

WELL NO MORE!!!  No I’m not closing down the facility but I am taking Back the Funny Farm.  And I have proof that I can do it too.

Why?  I discovered I was Wonder Woman after all.  Here’s positive proof.

The Unbloggable erupted with the force of a spewing volcano this week.   A very destructive volcano both mentally, and financially and guess who survived.  We all did.  Instead of it sending me back to Mommy Zombie-land or to the store to buy a huge box of Ding-Dongs to down by myself – I survived – I didn’t self destruct.  I didn’t give in to despair and let the Unbloggable dementor suck all my soul’s joy from me.  I was able to see the rays of hope, joy and love that are ever present, guiding and buoying up our family.

I’ve never forgotten the words that Marilla said to Anne in the Anne of Green Gables Movie.

To Despair is to turn your back on God.’ 

So when it’s too overwhelming and I feel I can’t give anymore, that’s when I fall to my knees and turn it over to God.  And you know what?  He’s been there every time.

So back to reclaiming the Funny Farm.  If I can survive weeks like the last one – And I know I will because I know who’s backing me up.  I know I can reclaim this mad mess of a situation we’ve got boiling.  If I can go through weeks like the last one and still notice the beauty and love of my children.  Then I’ll be okay.

Spring 688

Loved it when the inmates stopped fighting long enough to make each other some mini-daisy fairy crowns.

Who’d have thunk you could make something so charming out of someone else’s weeds. Now who doesn’t love it when a big sis will do this for you?  I know Princess does.

And I can’t tell you how watching the kids fish with fingers made my day.

Yum, finger food!

Spring 671

And now since we know the location of the magical fish that eat fingers, we can go there often – just to make mom smile.

Spring 662

Oh, and guess what?  You know that 60 lbs. that found me since this whole ruckus started.  Well I managed to lose 11 of it over the last 3 weeks.  Wahoo!  I’m taking evasive action not to let them find me again either.


Trena Doll said...

those fish are CRAZY! I tried to call you Saturday...hope you're ok.

princessmama said...

Woohoo! Way to go fawndear:) I've only managed to lose 11 in the last 6 months. I have a couple friends encouraging me to get back on my bike though, which should kick me into a higher gear.

Those fish are too fun:)

Our prayers are with you, hope next week is better for you.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Chin up. God is there. He's got your back!
Geez your daughters are cute.

Lisa Olander said...

You are awesome and God is watching over you and your crew. Way to go on the weightloss....I think I found those pounds you lost. Love the fish pictures. You are in our me anytime!

Natalie said...

Love the fish... and the daisy fairy crowns. No matter how many times I try I can never seem to make one... maybe Lea, Princess, and Hope can show me how sometime. :-)

Heavenly Father will always be there to help you. The power of prayer can help you through the toughest times in life. (And don't forget it!)

Arrow said...

Yesterday Dieter F. Uchtdorf said something like the following: "Often the most difficult times of our lives are the times that build the foundation of our character." Although difficult, I'm sure your kids are learning some valuable lessons from your example.