Monday, January 10, 2011

What was I thinking?

Home Improvement Projects always seem easier than they really are.  Case in point… My husband and I took an Excellent Tiling Class at Home Depot.  So excellent in fact that we decided to tile something ourselves.  Here is the ‘What was I thinking?’ part.  So for our First-Ever-Tile-Project we decided to tackle… are you ready for it?… the Kitchen floor.  160 square feet of pure Madness.  I guess we should be grateful that our first project wasn’t the Master Bathroom.  Just sign me up for the Looney Bin Now!!!  We have been constantly working on that dang floor for over a week.  And aside from cleaning, grouting and sealing I thought I’d give you a sneak peak at our kitchen.  I know I should wait until it’s done but I so relieved it turned out.

New Year 051

Here is some wild, short-haired creature laying the finishing touches at 2:20 A.M.  Because that’s how long it took.  Three stinking days to design, layout, cut, then thin-set in all those pieces of tile.  And that doesn’t include the previous week of a day spent prying up the particle board floor, then another day spent scraping all the liquid nail/particle board remains off.

New Year 009 

What a nightmare.

New Year 007 

And you can’t begin to believe the dust layer that now covers my entire home.  The dust bunnies are very happy, it’s like snow to them.

Oh and before I forget, it took yet another day to add some self-leveling floor muck to all the dib-bits we hacked out of it.  Plus who makes a perfectly level floor anymore? – not our builder.  Then tack on another day to lay down the hardy backer with more thin-set.

New Year 001 

What’s the count up to. That’s right forgot to mention that while all this was going on, we were also working on other areas like hanging some refinished chandeliers.  I seem to be refinishing everything.  But it’s looking so good.

New Year 021 

I also had to take a wee break right in the middle of tiling to take the three girls out for their Christmas Present that Santa gave them.  Instead of typical presents from Santa they got tickets to Great Wolf Lodge.

New Year 005 

It’s a pretty incredible indoor Water Park and Hotel.  Here’s my darlings fashionably wearing their so momma won’t be paranoid of drowning suits life jackets .

New Year 023 

How’s this for a Gi-normous fireplace?  And this is a picture of just the bottom quarter of it.

New Year 004

And honestly no matter how upset I was at Santa for interrupting my floor project with such ill timed tickets – I have to secretly and profusely thank him because my muscles were howling from all the lifting, scraping, and mucking I’d been doing.  The sort-of rest was just what I needed to come home a tackle the rest of the tiling.  And that wild, short haired creature?  Let’s just say I wanted spring so bad that I shed some fur.  Some really heavy because it was so thick and long, and always-in-my-face-when-trying-to-do-home-improvement-work, hair.

New Year 013 

Whew, no more pony-tail headaches. At least until it grows out again.

Sorry I got distracted.  Here’s the sneak peak.  Erik’s motorcycle turned into the chunk of rock you see on the right and my handwork is on the floor below it.  See how the border design ties the two pieces together?

New Year 061 

There’s still tons left to do besides the floor.  Need to refinish the cabinets as well.  They are starting to look their age.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t take me another week and a half to finish the floor.  Oh, and if you ever consider tackling a ‘What-was-I-thinking-project, don’t let me dissuade you, with my previous grumbling.  It is SO worth it, just plan on it taking three times longer than you originally thought.  Plus it’s a great work-out.


Sara said...

That's a beautiful floor and countertop! I'm so proud of you!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'd hire out that job in a heartbeat, but you all must feel very proud of how great it turned out.

Christina said...

Oh my!! We have only tiled a small bathroom and that seriously tested our marraige :) It looks so great, nice work!!

Mimi said...

You go girl!! All I can say is that when renting I don't get these urges:) You are GREAT!

SarahS said...

Wow:) Great job, can't wait to see the whole kitchen!

Susanne said...

It looks like it gonna be amazing! Can't wait to see it when it's finished!!

Jen said...

Wow! What incredible work. It's beautiful. You guys must be really handy. I need some of your talent! My husband and I are dumb and dumber when it comes to home improvement and repairs! If it's none of my affair, please tell me, but I've been out of the bloggy world for so long, I'm not sure why you are wearing a wig? I hope it isn't for something serious like cancer? Your home is transforming into a beautiful castle! Did I tell you I changed my bloggy URL? I can now be found at See you around my friend! - Tink

fawndear said...

No cancer, no wig. The wild hair was the result of half a day spent at a waterpark with my girls and then coming home to lay tile for another 10 hours. Let's just be grateful I didn't pull out my hair in frustration.

Jen said...

Oh good, I'm so glad! I saw the hair on the floor and my heart dropped. Cancer's on my brain with my husband going through treatments this past year. Glad to know you are all healthy.

Debs said...

The Santa gift was a fabulous idea. I love it. What a great way to avoid excessive toys and junk at Christmas and create great memories. Love it!

Nancy said...

Love it all Fawn---awesome job!

Arrow said...

I'm amazed you did it in three days! Projects of that size could take us newbies forever. Just ask my wife when I re-textured our living room ceiling and put in a ceiling fan.