Saturday, June 14, 2008

Last Place - Not This Time!

Anything is better than my abysmal last place finish last week in my first ever 10K.

This week happened to be anything but abysmal. With the support and mad speed-walking, jogging, and sprinting skills of these fine super hero Wonder-Women, I competed in my second ever 10K.

By the way, I’m the pumpkin in the group. Number 5 entered under the name of Rocky Balboa. When she was picking up her race packet the super young thing at the table didn't even blink an eye. We don't think she even knew who Rocky is. Humm, the kiddos these days.

Well, wonder of wonders never cease and I shaved a whole 5 minutes off last week’s time. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could make that kind of time improvement every week? I know the majority of the reason was because it was a flat race and didn’t have the steeper than a cliff elevation climb right out of the gate like my last race.

The hot ladies who joined me were awesome and even though they competed in the 5K they kindly stuck around to cheer me on at the finish line. I also didn’t finish in last place – Wahoo! There must have been a whole one or two, o.k. maybe 5 people that finished after me, but still I did better and that feels great.

That and this week I lost 3 lbs. Maybe it was because I threw all the processed carbs and refined sugar out of the house for a couple of weeks to get over my cravings. Whatever it was it worked. However I’ve been a cranky-pants old wicked witch for the past couple of days as well. Darn sugar withdrawal. I know my family can't wait until my mood returns to normal.

The town where the race was located was celebrating their Fun Days as they called them with a parade and plenty of cute little craft, and food booths. So the awesome ladies and I celebrated our run by doing some sidewalk retail therapy after the race.

Bought myself a cute embroidered plum colored dress. I love rewarding myself with non-food items when I complete goals.

Evo-man ran the 5K and finished in 36 min which isn’t bad for 2 months off of not too much organized exercise. He now has the running bug and wants to join me on some of my morning jogs. Prince Erik also shaved a whopping 4 minutes of his last 10K time.

So there you have it. Did much better this week. I don’t have another race for three weeks and I’m hoping to work on a longer stride, because right now I’m stuck in the super slow mo shuffle.

At this rate I'll be running a 20 minute 10K, be in 1st place and be 33 lbs lighter by the end of the summer. Not possible, I know, but it was a great week with some big improvements over my previous week. Big improvements always make me happy.


Trena Doll said...

You must admit to one genetic advantage. We are blessed with freakishly strong lower legs. You're lookin' good, sis. Keep it up!

Mel said...

Woohoo... you set a new PR! Way to go!

Susanne said...

Fawn, you are awesome! And your family is truly an inspiration!

Arrow said...

Congrats! Keep it up.

Just the Eight of Us!! said...

Congratulations!! How exciting for you!!

Keep up the WONDERFUL work!!!