Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Once a farm girl...

Always a farm girl. And I guess it will always be that way. This week has been yet another crazy on top of two of my craziest weeks all year. However the difference would be its kind of a good crazy.

A couple of months ago my husband and I agreed to some bit parts in my son’s Private School Play. The play is Charlotte’s Web and my son got the part of the hired hand Lurvy. Only a farmer would get a hankering to bestow on his prodigy a name like Lurvy. So since there are a few adults in the play they looked at the parents of the student-body and bingo- Lurvy’s parents would make a perfect Edith and Homer Zuckerman.

So channeling Edith…

Way back yonder when I was but a wee sprite of a teenager I enjoyed some of that there Community Theater. Never had a real part, mostly a ‘pioneer girl’ or ‘townsfolk.’ Did however play the part of a genteel School marm headin off to Washington to marry some lumberjack through some arranged marriage.

Here is I some 20 years further along that ole road in life playin’ some hick ole farmwife saddled up to a famous pig farmer named Homer of all things. Did luck out with the most lines I’ve ever had. A big ole’ whopping 14 lines.

Trouble is I don’t have that there little sponge brain of a teenage mind to retain all those big honkin words. That and my own litter of rowdy hooligans don’t take to kindly to the barn when I’m away for umpteen hours during the day practicing those um’ whole 14 utterances.

So the whole play shindig can’t come soon enough for this here ole cow. Friday I’ll be sent to the slaughter house of pre-formances where hopefully the crowd won’t be hurlin cabbages, eggs or tomatoes.

After hearing the announcer say there’s a special award to be delivered to the pig owned by Mr. Zuckerman…

Edith: Homer, how’s my hair?

Homer: You look fine dear. (yes I am a dear - deer, funny how that worked out)

Edith: You didn’t even look at it. (Wailing, and I even threw in a towel slap for good measure)

How like a man that Homer is.

But my favortie line is.

Edith: Seems to me we have no ordinary spider.

See Edith does have some brains in there after all.

So go ahead... Wish my mushy brain some retention power over these next couple of days.


Trena Doll said...

Please. Please tell me someone will be creating a video record of the play. And promise that someday, somehow, I'll have the opportunity to see a highly edited andabridged playback featuring all 14 lines & Lurvy of course. Please!

fawndear said...

Pre-purchased a big ole shiney round thingy that they say will play this here shindig I'm in if I stick it into some new fangled electrical box.
Oh, I really need to come back to reality. Yep there will be a DVD. Maybe I can get Abner to do some selective editing and actually post it on my blog.
That's a honkin MAYBE - depending on if my brain remembers those blasted lines.

BoufMom9 said...

LMAO! This is just great! I too would LOVE to see it on video!

bestfamily said...

LOL! Can't wait to see video of this one! Congrats all three for landing roles.