Friday, July 31, 2009

I’m Melting, I’m melting…

Well, I thought I was. We just survived the hottest month of my life.

Resorted to using my Red-neck Swamp Cooler a few times.

Summer 896

It didn’t help. The ice melted too fast. And all the block ice was sold out. UGH!

The Pacific Northwest normally has a very mild climate, not much snow and only a handful of days over 85 degrees. But we just had 5 days of 100 plus degrees with 40 percent humidity thrown in to boot. My car thermometer read 109 on the hottest day. No A.C. and plenty of body flubber of my own meant a grumpy, tired mom. They said it was our warmest streak in 30 years. I resorted to frequent lie downs in our little pool. Didn’t even bother with the swim suit.

Summer 900

The kids stopped rolling their eyes after the third time that I jumped in with all my clothes on. This last time was at 9 P.M, when it was still over 95 degrees.

The first few days I couldn’t even take my kids to the A.C’d shopping malls because they were dealing with a stomach bug picked up from my husbands families R.O.A.R. Reunion. Vomiting and fevers in blistering heat can be torture.


Don’t you just love all the fun things that families share. Loved the Reunion and the family, regardless of what they shared with us. Worth every heave! Do it again any day, just to be by family. The reunion was held in sunny HOT Sacramento, CA. Don’t we all just look smart. Dressed in black, during a heat wave. Those are grimaces, not smiles. (Kidding, they are smiles). Just can’t escape the heat. Tried my darndest though. Even entered a belly flop contest just to cool off in a pool.

I won it too.

You bet my kids are proud of me. How many kiddo’s do you know that can say their mom won a belly flop contest. Hopefully the judges were judging on my style and not the actual flop on my belly. Hum….

If it makes you feel better I didn’t win the flip contest. Kept doing back flops. Oh well. There you have it. I've shamelessly posted pictures of myself in a swimsuit on my blog. I can stoop no lower. Fortunately the motion helps hide the rolls.

The reunion was wonderful. Love the relatives, and we left before we drove them nuts so hopefully they still love us as well.

Even managed to get a semi-decent family picture taken as well. I think it’s impossible to get everyone looking great so this will have to do.

Dear Herd

Today’s temp 86 degree’s. Ahhh, FINALLY feels like summer should.


Treasure Ann said...

Hi Fawn, glad the weather is getting a little bit cooler. Our summers haven't been to bad. But our hottest days are coming here for the south. August is always out hottest days. Hopefully not to hot.

By the way, I'm sending you a little surprise, I hope you'll like it and draw inspiration from it. Let me know when it arrives.
Oh yeah, I forgot-here's my new blog address.

Shannon said...

Hope the heat is passing!! I've been hearing from friends (in Or.) all week long that it is absolutely unbearable up there. The photos of you in your suit didn't show up on my computer, but the family pics did. Your family is beautiful and you are too!!! Looking forward to the party!!

Andrea said...

Those are great pictures. Love the belly flop one. Congrats on winning!! Hope you are all better and cooler now.

Trena Doll said...

That swamp cooler! hee hee.

Lovely form for the belly flop - pointed toes & everything. If you'd written that the picture was taken moments before you jack-knifed into a perfect no-splash olympic style dive I'd have believed you. A little.

Stay cool.

Anonymous said...

Fawn, sorry you had to live through my weather. and look at you! oh my! you are looking good!!! love that picture of your little family!
:) Missy

Susanne said...

That belly flop picture is seriously awesome!

All three of our kids got the flu, as well. Yes, even poor little Sophia. Thankfully her 102 degree fever was the night before she already had her two month doctor's appointment scheduled. I was really worried, though! (I'm just glad we didn't have super hot weather on top of it all! Sorry you guys had to endure that!)

Arrow said...

We saw in the news that Seattle had the hottest day in recorded history. Sounds like Tucson, minus the air conditioners!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is one heck of a dive! Wow!
Nice to have the water to take the edge off the heat, isn't it?

Tink said...

What a GORGEOUS family picture! I love your colors and jeans and bare feet! LOVE IT! And like you, we've had a heat wave with no relief--high 90's, low 100's. My house was 80 degrees yesterday. Ewww. We went shopping for the reprieve :)

Natalie said...

I know this is a LONG time after you actually posted this (I'm rereading your blog for the 50th time), but I just wanted to say that the ROAR reuinion was lots of fun. So glad you could stay at my house! (No, it wasn't that crazy)