Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stick out your Tongue…

And catch some rain.

Fall 298

Hope and I got stuck in a little shower during our walk today. 

Absolutely refreshing.

So in addition to me moving a bit faster (Go Cardio), we caught raindrops on our tongues.  Had there been any puddles we might have stopped and splashed around a bit.  See I am movin’ again. 

After my last whiney post (sorry, it was a downer), I realized that sure, UnBlogAbles happen and they can throw you for a loop, mess with your mental and all.  However, I was also allowing it to be a crutch for allowing prior emotional eating, lack of exercise  bad habits to sneak back into my life.  No crutch today – ate right, got off my duff and went for a walk with my little munchkin.  We were loving the brisk air and changing colors, and yes even the rain.

 Fall 296  

Hope was convinced that the leaves were touched by fall fairies, and she had to collect her favorites.  How else could leaves change into such vibrant colors.  To a  kid, fairies seem much more logical than air temperatures and light cycles affecting seasonal change.

We must have interrupted the fairies because they had just began their work on this tree.

Fall 292

And I think it’s time to pick this beauty out of our garden and put the patch to rest for the winter.

Fall 152

Had another FawnDear first this week.  Saw a Black Bear in the wild about 1 mile from my home.  Tried to take a picture but he scampered into the tall grass. 

The furry guy was sitting under this ancient apple tree two nights in a row.  The first night I was so in shock from seeing a bear in the wild so close to home, I just parked the car and watched him watch me.  Silly camera was in my purse the whole time but I was too in awe to think of it.  Abner and Evo-man were with me and they were as wowed as I was.   The next night Prince Erik told me Fuzzy-Wuzzy was back (same evening time, same place) and so I flew there in the car this time with the camera ready.  However, he didn’t wait around.  I saw him scurry over to the tall grass - Just missed him.  I guess he likes apples and is filling up for his hibernation nap.  For the short time being I’m not taking any walks through the neighborhood in that direction.  Still was magnificent to see him.  Viewing these amazing creatures in the wild so buries the zoo experience, and gives you a little thrill.  Love the Pacific Northwest for showing me Bald Eagles, Orca’s and now Bears in the wild.  Not too sure yet that I want to see a cougar – but hey, if' I’m in my car like I was with the Bear it might be okay.


Trena Doll said...

Glad you're getting some good days! I recently dreamed about black bears, which was strange. I like to think it's a sign that, even with hundreds of miles separating us, we're still connected. xoxo

laterg8r said...

so cool to see a bear, love the pumpkin you grew and that your little girl still believes in fairies :D

Anonymous said...

You're so much fun, Fawndear! I really enjoy reading all your adventures whenever I have a chance.

Susanne said...

We had some crazy rainy weather this week. Made me think of Washington and how much I love my California weather. ;-) But the wildlife up there sure is amazing!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

A bear! Oh wow! Your daughter, the leaves, the pumpkins-all so pretty.

princessmama said...

Sounds like a lovely day :) A bear how fun! We haven't seen ours in a long time, just "evidence"...

Anonymous said...

well don't feel bad. you are doing better than me! I make excuses not to walk like: too hot outside , I can't wake up that early, etc... lol.
those fall leaves are beautiful! I would love to have some leaves that were kissed by an Autumn fairy!

Larissa said...

You are so awesome. I'd love to see your dressed up branches when/if you do them! You sound busy! :-)

Arrow said...

Well, that tops me spotting a scorpion in the wild for the first time. We're jealous of the Fall colors!

blushing rose said...

What wonderful writes you share. TY
Have a wonderful, warm week. TTFN ~ Marydon