Friday, October 23, 2009

Magical Transformations in the Making.

So this week was much better.  Wa-hoo!  I felt so good I even busted out the old sewing machine and started a new project using this thrifted humongous wedding dress that I stole for $9.99.

Fall 330 

All that material and beading… You’ll never guess what magical transformation I’m endeavoring to tackle with it.

Fall 403

I can’t wait to show you the finished projects.  I’m giddy with excitement every moment that I squeeze into working on it.

The kiddo’s don’t have school today so I’m letting them sleep in a bit.  But when they get up we are going to have some fun. 

My baby turned 4 this last week and I’m still in shock over it.  Don’t know whether it’s the shock from surviving four years of one of the most active, energetic wonders born on the planet or…

Could it be four years of rubbing shoulders with a miracle that leaves me bursting with joy every time  she hugs me.  My little Hope has taught me more about God’s love than nearly any other person I know.

So I’ll take the frantic exercise in discovering what she’s up to any day;  because it means another day of living with a true miracle and angel.

Fall 361

I do however, think it’s high time I taught her how to play with babies.  She’s always holding them upside down.

 Fall 376

Future grandkids beware if I don’t.

Guess what else?  I saw Fuzzy-Wuzzy the bear again on Wednesday night as I was coming home from my Scripture Study Meeting.  Had my camera in hand and everything.  But the darn thing was on the wrong setting and he lumbered into the tall grass before I could get it right.  So I snapped this picture when I got home instead.  Our rickety fence was very haunted looking and even though I’ve been meaning to get out and fix it, I think I’ll wait until after Halloween since it lends itself to an eerie atmosphere.


When I was little I loved the fact that George and Mary Bailey renovated an old home for their own.

 It's a Wonderful Life House

I’ve often dreamed of buying an older character home and making it mine.  Who’d have thought that I’d be living that dream with my very own newer home.  I’ve watched it crumble around me to the point where I think it has a mind of it’s own.

Lately though, the scary abode hasn’t been so scary.  (Knock on wood, because I’m not begging for something new to break down.)   I’m actually starting to get excited again about reclaiming all of it’s broken parts.  Dreaming of claw foot tubs, farm sinks, cream cabinets, tiled floors, and fresh paint.  The home is 18 years old and it might take us another 18 years to scratch up the money to reclaim it – but I feel it will happen.   

Now I’m off to play with the kids and dream of course.


Jane said...

I love the comment you made about your home. With five very active children our home seems to be doing the same thing! I love your attitude! I need to thing the same thing about my charming home : ) Also I cant wait to see what you are doing with that wedding dress!

BoufMom9 said...

I always loved that george & Mary did that too! (MY ALL TIME FAV MOVIE EVER!) I am now sitting in my 1850's make-over home and I am loving it :)

Excited to see what you are making... something with Halloween, perhaps?

Beth said...

I can't wait to see what you are cooking up with that dress! You are so creative and inspiring!

I know what you mean about watching the house crumble around you, lol! We moved in and remodled 5 yrs ago and yes, I can feel it crumbling already...

blushing rose said...

Don't tease us like this! What a beautiful gown. Your wee one is darling. Have a beautiful & wonderful week. TTFN~Marydon

laterg8r said...

love that you are going to leave your fence until after halloween :D it's all about your perspective isn't it :D

i bet you are making purses ;D