Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Opened Eyes see much more.

Maybe those gorgeous Sunrises and Sunsets happen all the time and I only think they happen a few times a year because I wasn’t paying attention.

Winter 186

But with Sunrises like these…  Let’s just say, I’m paying attention now.  Or at least my eyes are open.  They must have been closed when I wasn’t dreaming.  Funny how things can change overnight.  It seems the skies are full of wonder and color multiple times a week lately.

In about 10 years when my daughter leaves the nest I’m going to take over her room,

kick out the wall,

add a huge window (who cares if it makes the back of my house look funny),

and watch the sky.  She gets the best views.  Whenever I see the least bit of color in the sky I run upstairs, pop open her window and snap away.  She complains that I’m letting all the warm air out.   I retort that I’m just letting fresh air in.

It’s been relatively dry for the last week and some odd days, which means one thing.

The kids are outside – Finally!  And honk, who cares if it’s only 50 degrees.  I can’t seem to keep jackets or sweaters on my kids.  They throw on whatever shoes they can find and fly around the yard.  Probably releasing a winters worth of pent-up energy every hour they are out playing.

Winter 131

Now we know why the boys shoes mysteriously turn up in the yard.

The girls have rekindled their fascination with the fairy village we built in tree last summer. 

They often leave the fairies notes telling them how beautiful and clever they are.  Fairies like flattery, I mean who doesn’t like a kind word now and then.

Winter 121

And once in a great while, the wee things respond by leaving the girls some fairy dust and trinkets.

Winter 243

The dry weather has made me dream about reclaiming my secret garden.  Maybe this will be it’s year to shine.  Maybe is an awfully big word.

 Winter 260

Meanwhile, I’m going to continue to annoy my daughter and throw open her window whenever I see some color in the sky.  Cause the important part is – My eyes are open again and I want to enjoy the beauty around me.

Winter 275

My computer isn’t too beautiful right now.  The fan is dying. Sometimes I get lucky and it works while sounding  like a Mexican jumping bean fiesta under the keyboard.  Other times, I’m not so lucky and it doesn’t work, thereby overheating the whole thing and shutting itself down after a few minutes of work.  Frustrating, either way.  As you can tell, it’s noisily working right now.  Don’t know when I’m going to get it fixed.  I haven’t had great luck with getting the resident computer repairman (my husband) to find a spare minute to work on it.  I’m not to upset because I know the poor guy is swamped. 

While I’m waiting though, I’m going to keep dreaming with my eyes wide open.


Sara said...

You get the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets! It's nice to have an open landscape for those things---we have a few too many hills here. I just get a glimpse over the trees.

Keep looking and dreaming!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Fifty degrees, fairies and a view? Those are good things indeed!

MaryLu said...

Gorgeous views, Dear!! I'd knock out that wall too. Love the girls wearing their big brother's shoes. It seems I have girls who may be related to yours, haha! We can't wait for warmer days so we can run and gallivant too.

princessmama said...

Gorgeous sky photos :) And i love the one of sis wearing big brother's shoes, so fun (maybe not for the big brother, but for the photographer ;)

Natalie said...

Lucky! Sunsets, fairy dust and trinkets, gardens- can I move in with you? :-D

Sorry your computer isn't working. My parents had the same problem with a laptop a few years ago and they had to get a new one. We still have the old one and it kind of works, but only if you use it for five minutes every six months. I hope that doesn't happen to you!

mysticwynd said...

Wow... beautiful view and great pictures all around!

I'm happy to let you know that you've won the Sunshine Award for blogging! Please visit my blog to pick up your badge!


Arrow said...

Once again, I'm jealous of your skyline. I shouldn't be, because Arizona has some great sunrises and sunsets, but we just don't live in a place where we can see them.