Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Spot of Spring.

Spring can’t come soon enough for me.   We just had another blast of winter reminding us that it’s still in charge.


Although spring is trying to fight  back.


And I’m doing my best to nourish the hope of good things to come.  My tomatoes are up and going.3072

The peppers are trying but I think they have an aversion to NW weather.


The kids are busy as always and itching for something to do.  So I send them out to play with power tools.


O.K. Abner’s been busy working on his Eagle project.  Clearing a nature trail and replacing plant identification signs.


And when not sending my kids around to play with power tools.  I just pray for snow, Yeah, Right (heavy sarcasm added here.)   For when it snows, no matter how sick of it I am, the kids disappear.   


And sometimes they can’t be bothered with shoes.


At least when Hope takes off when there is snow on the ground, she returns quickly.  Humm, maybe I should hide her shoes more often.


My best hope of spring this week arrived in the form of a package from my swap partner Beth of Road to Joy.  We were teamed up in the Luck of the Fae – Fairy Swap.  Hosted by Missy of  Fairychild Heirlooms Weblog.


When opening my package I was immediately enveloped in a delicious scent I’ve never really sniffed before.  She sent sprigs of orange blossoms in the package and I had to keep going back for delightful whiff’s of sweetness throughout the afternoon.

Inside was a sweet new little fairy whom I immediately named Violet.


I love her dearly and I barely know her.  Immediately I started planning a fairy garden for her and her little abode which was also in my package.


Complete with a darling shelf and crockery.


I’m going to have to spirit her away because my little princesses just couldn’t get enough of her…


and her sweet hidey-home.


Fairy Queen Beth also sent me this delightful, delicate Fairy Wand.


Complete with magic charms galore.


  Princess also received her swap package from her Pixie Wand swap partner who was Beth’s daughter.  Can you tell how excited she is?  She was practically levitating with joy at getting a package in the mail.  It might be her first ever package just for her.


Princess couldn’t wait to dig into her pixie pouch.


Which was charming because it’s reversible.


Pixie dust, fairy charms and a beautiful bracelet along with a flower wand were the goodies she received.


Thanks Beth and daughter!  Now I’ve got to get off my computer and clean up my messy house, dream of spring and find where I put those orange blossoms.    I put these stickers on my laptop to remind me to stop living vicariously through everyone else and start making my own dreams come true. 



princessmama said...

We had a few flakes of snow the other day, just a few:) What fun packages. We planted some peas in the garden the other day. Now I need to get out the rest of my seeds and mark the calendar for planting times and try to be a little organized(right.)...

Tink said...

Oh how I can relate! Mother nature is playing with our minds! We got 6" of snow today and from what I understand, by the weekend it's supposed to be 60! What?

Nancy said...

Hey, I think I just caught a glimpse of my hubby on here :)