Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Heirloom Holiday.

No May Day protests or marches for us this year. Unless you count the kids protesting mom’s dinner cooking skills (or lack there-of). But hey, they are healthy enough to endure a few less than yummy munchies without it affecting their overall health. Instead we decided to keep our ongoing tradition of celebrating the forgotten holidays like May Day. My girls love getting decked out to take flowers to our amazing neighbors.

Spring 1117

My Prince helped the girls create their 5 minute flower crowns and I finally finished a project long in the making. No it didn’t hardly take me any time to make, just forever in getting around to doing it. But actual sewing time… I’d say less than half a day for all three dresses.

Spring 1115

Of course my mom helped with the skirts when she was here a few weeks ago. And I procrastinated the shirts until today. Want to know the secret?

Spring 1118

These dresses are actually the second life of a beautiful used bedding set my Treasure of a Neighbor Jewel gave to me.

Spring 952

The bed skirt was a perfect fit for being refashioned into twirl-able skirts for my daughters. I can just see the girls dancing around a maypole in these… That maypole is still on my wish list. Maybe next year.

Spring 1128

And I was inspired by Vegbee’s Peasant Blouse Tutorial to try and create my first ever peasant shirts for the girls.

Spring 1111

Since I was winging it on the size, the shirts came out a bit big but looked great with a ribbon around the waist. And when the little ladies frocks were completed I was pleasantly surprised to see enough material left over to hopefully make myself a coordinating dress or blouse here in the future.

Spring 1095

Last year we collected May’s first dew from weeds and grass. See previous post to explain that head scratcher. Somehow the myth about it helping your complexion didn’t pan out. So this year I’m setting my sights a bit higher. We collected our dew from my heirloom lilac bush instead of the grass.

Spring 1094

Not that it will make any real difference but lilac dew just sounds more appealing than weed dew. And instead of adding soap like we did last year, I’m going to add perfume and teach my girlies to dab it on.

Spring 1133

All in all it was a lovely day, a perfect day for getting back to blogging. Thanks for being patient with my break. It’s good to be back.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a lovely day! Your daughters will always cherish the memory of how you made this holiday special for them!

SarahS said...

What lovely dresses :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the flowers and the treat of seeing the girls' outfits. I'm delighted at how amazing you are-to take a dust ruffle and duvet and turn them into adorable spring May Day outfits for your girls.

Welcome back to blogging! It will be fun to follow you again. I hope you got a much deserved break.

Vegbee said...

These are beautiful! And what gorgeous girls you have there (let's face it, you could of dressed them in potato sacks, and they'd still look fabulous :) I love the recycled material and what a great day to celebrate!

Natalie said...

Love it! I wish WE celebrated May Day.

Kiren said...

I saw two of the dresses on Sunday and they were so pretty! Great job!

LissyLou said...

the girls look so pretty!! love the dresses...i would of loved that as a little girl