Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Crud, Sweat and Tears – Worth It?

So a week and a half after Ms. Passion helped me start on room number one…  The Family Room/Library/Music Room… well I’m proud to report that it is 99% done.  Remember the beginning of our room?

Summer 549

It involved a lot of Crud removal, Some good old-fashioned elbow grease, and I’m proud to say I bawled like a baby nearly every day.

Summer 845

Saying good-bye to bad habits is painful, but worth it.  Remember this wasn’t my worst room but a very packed room.  

Out of this room went three bookcases full of books, a piano, 6 bags of trash, and probably another 10 boxes of thrift items.

And after that it looked a whole lot like this…

Summer 868

And this… with the couches taking up the majority of the center of the room.

Summer 869

Do ya like all the electronic cables hanging around?

Ms. Passion is a genius – I might add.  Before she became a professional organizer she was a home stager.  You know, someone who goes into homes and stages it for a quick sale.  She knows her stuff.  So not only was she helping me organize but she also is staging my home so that it is not only functional but beautiful.  We spent around $55 on paint, electrical parts so my husband could rewire the entertainment center, and a art piece and lamp from the thrift store.

Ready for the reveal…

Introducing our ‘Family Room’!

Summer 911

We moved the entertainment center to a different wall.  Then Ms Passion found a way to make some of my more treasured stuff and arrange it in a way to make my husband say, ‘Wow.’ at least 5 times when he finally saw the room put together.  Wow is right.

Summer 912

The best part was she involved the whole family.  Everyone had homework.   From sanding…

Summer 892 

To painting the trim white (which I’ve always wanted to do).

Summer 902

To rewiring…

Summer 890


Summer 923

And a ton of dusting and cleaning and re-dusting, and re-cleaning.  The whole process was messy.  

Summer 895 

But so rewarding… 

I cheated early on, and tried to do some of the kids homework for them.  Cause I could just envision the trim paint slapped all over the walls, etc.  However Ms. Passion chewed me out good about that one and she was right.  The kids need to invest part of themselves into making this room functional and beautiful.   They are more likely to take care of items they worked so hard to make that way.

Summer 926

Ms. Passion even found some fabric in my stash that complimented the couches.  So we turned that swatch into some curtains.

Summer 927

The only homework we have left?  Well, we are going to repurpose some left-over small matching cubbies into a desk for this corner.  And that’s going to allow us to pull the computer out of the dining room and put it here where the whole family can use it.

Summer 919

So that’s it – One room Done!  Guess which room everyone wants to spend time in now?  We all love it and can’t wait to see the magic Ms. Passion works on the rest of our home.  And the rest of the house, – well it’s desperate for the same treatment.

So for those who want to follow along I thought I’d post the steps I’m going through to overcome this Hoarding Addiction as well as Ms. Passions lessons that she’s giving me. 

*  Step 1:  First you have to ACKNOWLEDGE YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.  Yes, I know I’m a hoarder and I’m SO ready to be in the recovery phase of that illness.  Then  HAVE A DESIRE TO MAKE A CHANGE and have the courage to realize that you need to ask others for help.  Without the Acknowledgement or the Desire you are basically stuck on step one. 

*  Step 2:   ENLIST THOSE WILLING TO HELP ~ family, friends, counselors, organizers, blog buddies, etc.  Make sure they are committed, and will hold you accountable if you flub-up.

*  Step 3: EVERY ROOM HAS A PURPOSE!  If some item is in the room that doesn’t fit the room’s purpose it needs to leave.  You wouldn’t cook your food in a bathroom, or do your laundry in the front room.  Bring the Purpose back to your rooms.  What is the Vision for your home?  Both in looks, and how it makes you feel.

Clutter never feels good.

Ms. Passion helped us clear everything out of our family room except items that fit a basic vision for it’s purpose.  A room where our family could view movies, play board games, study scriptures, and have fun. 

All the extra stuff is temporarily being housed in my last room – the front room.

We are going to hit every room this way.  One room at a time.  Eliminate everything that doesn’t fit the room’s purpose.  I suspect that the hardest part will be seeing all the left over stuff I’ve accumulated in a embarrassingly large mountain of a pile.  That and after the last room is completed; knowing I will most likely have to part with that pile will be excruciatingly painful – but I suspect the beauty of having  a home where everything has a place and is in it’s place.   Well, I’m convinced that-soon-to-be place of peace and beauty will give me the courage to make those hard choices.  I’m ready to keep going.

Quick Reminder…

From this…

Summer 845

To This. 

Summer 911

And This…

Summer 549

To This.

Summer 912

It feels more Peaceful already.


SarahS said...

What a transformation! How wonderful to have a clean, beautiful room to hang out in:) Way to go Fawn! (and family:D

Sara said...

It's beautiful! Anything looks better decluttered, but that staging is terrific. KUTGW!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I am SO SO SO happy for you, FawnDear!!! That does look fantastic. And it does look like a room filled with intention and purpose now, too. What a great space for family life to bloom.

nikib4kids said...

That looks amazing! You all are really working together and making everything better for one another! Congrats on your beautiful family room!

Linda in New Mexico said...

Your hard work certainly has paid looks fantastic. Yay for your family. The Olde Bagg

Richins Family said...

Way to go Ashby's! Looks wonderful. What a fun family project. Even better is the outcome to all the hard work. Enjoy your new room.

Trena Doll said...

Wow! Looks Great!

GO Gray's said...

Fawn I'm so proud of you!!! You and your fam did a great job.

LadyDoc said...

Looks fabulous- congratulations!!!!

Katy Cameron said...

Way to go to you and the family, it looks fab, well done!

Beth said...

Wow! You are amazing!! Good job pullin together as a family - very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Lots of thanks. Thank Ms Passion for her professional help. It is wonderful to get the help you need. May you and your family be blessed in this new transisition. Mom-ah

cking said...

Very nice. But did you get rid of your piano???

Natalie said...


Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic! PE was right, it *is* a beautifu room!

debi9kids said...

Oh I so need to do this...right now. It would keep my mind from wandering and thinking... and get me feeling more... simplified.

Your make-over looks fantastic.

Arrow said...

It looks great!