Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Passion for Dreaming

Well jiggle my wiggle, and rattle my bones.  Or at least I feel rattled and jiggled to the core.  In a good way.  Why?  My Professional Organizer Ms Passion came yesterday and emotionally (not physically) grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me up.  In the process she awakened some powerful dreams.  POWERFUL – I tell you.

The first room on her hit list.  The family room. 

Summer 845

I mean the Family Room/Music Room/Library…etc., etc., etc.

Summer 549

Here’s hoping no one ever yells fire.

Summer 853

Banana peels on stairs?  It’s like asking for Murphy and his silly Law to move in.

I tried to prep for Ms. Passion’s coming by letting go of a lot of the easy stuff.  Lot’s of junk, broken items, McDonald toys – blah, etc.

Summer 585

Reduced the whole drawer of toys to two small baskets.

Nearly 5 bags worth of trash.  Believe it or not, I thrifted nearly 10 office size boxes of books.  I was super proud of myself.  Then Ms. Passion came over.  And GUTTED THE WHOLE ROOM!

Summer 868


Except for this monstrosity and the couches.

Summer 869

I’m hating on brown right now.  It’s so not me.  I’ve discovered my whole house is Blah Brown.  And the entertainment center we bought only because it matched the colors of our Blah Brown bookshelves, which we bought because the store didn’t have enough of them in the first color we wanted.  The only touch of me in the entire room that I love is…

Summer 852

My farm-girl scene toile curtains.

In the past I’ve purchased household furniture because it’s ‘in’ or because I think other people would like to see it.  Matching furniture to the styles of my friends, not necessarily mine.  I’m a huge people pleaser. 

In gutting the room it freed me up to dream and DREAM BIG.  My only limitation – No Money!  Oh SNORK!  I’m going to have to get creative to actually buy or refinish the furniture pieces I love.  Yet, now I finally have a vision.  Something to really wish, dream and plan for.  And Ms. Passion is going to help me make Blah Brown more attractive until I can afford the real dream.

Who would have thought that purging one’s self from unloved clutter also freed up the imagination to dream?  WOW!  It really does.

Where did the room go.  Since I’d already purged it – or so I thought.  We moved part of it into the front room and other parts into the rooms they will go in during our future organization rounds. 

Summer 870

I needed something to remind me of one of my favorite seasons so I pulled out some Halloween decoration.

Summer 873

Including potions from my Fairy Godmother Cabinet.

Summer 872

I rode so many different emotional waves yesterday.  Sorrow, confusion, elation, the biggest wave of all, being hope.  And Ms. Passion paid me the highest compliment possible.

She said that of all the Hoarders she’s worked with I’m the most ready and willing for the process of recovery to begin.  Yeah Me!

I asked why I didn’t hate her yet.  She promised that I would by the time we hit room number two – the Master bedroom/Craft room.  Ugh, so dreading that room.   

Can’t wait to show you the finished rooms.  It will take awhile.  Maybe months.  But, I’m so excited for the transformation to begin.  ‘Clean House’ eat your heart out.


LadyDoc said...

GREAT!!!! SO happy to see your progress!!

If I recover from this dang cold, I hope to begin to join you on your journey!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Good for you. I love your potion bottles.

Linda in New Mexico said...

I am so happy for you and all of your emotions......I'm still scared but am looking forward to learning something from your experience. I am a closet, wanna be reformed, kinda gal but don't wanna put it out there for fear of rock on you and your Ms. Passion. The Olde Bagg

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Your potions are too cool!
Hooray for you--that is such major major accomplishment on the home front. Doesn't it feel good to move around with more space?

Richins Family said...

I am glad that Ms. Passion is teaching you to put your creativity into your home and where you live. What fun to redo things that you live with and despise and use everyday. I can't wait to see the transformation from brown to whatever it is that you dream of. What fun. Keep passing on the tools she is giving you. Why are certain things sent to specific rooms?

I am grateful that Ms. Passion gutted your everything room. As you put it, how scary if a fire erupted. And see Fawndear, I knew you wouldn't have thrown those banana peels on the ground. You are not the only one who needs Ms. Passion. You have many helpers there, to make your dreams come true. Keep on them to help. Can't wait to see how things progress... Best wishes and lots of love.

nikib4kids said...

It's so great to see "behind" the scenes! Thank you for sharing this emotionally difficult journey with us!

The Trio said...

YOU INSPIRED ME....I started unpacking boxes....but then gave up after 1/2 box...the mess it was creating stressed me out! Maybe tomorrow when I am not under pressure to write a 3-page paper for a graduation requirement! I am so exicted to hear all that you are doing! YOU GO GIRL!!!!

Katy Cameron said...

Yay you, you can do it!

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh my goodness, I would be a mental mess if my rooms were all uprooted. Of course, I would have been ready for a meltdown if they were messy to begin with. lol My hats off to you and how brave you are to show it all on the internet. I bet you are really going to be a huge motivator to others who are hoarders. Way to go fawndear! Im rooting for ya!

Susanne said...

Way to go! Can't wait to see all the transformations!!

BTW, I don't have your email address... I was wondering if you might still have the costumes from when you did the wizard of oz theme a couple of years ago. We're doing wizard of oz this year and Kaitlyn is going to Dorothy (and wait till you see the adorable Glinda costume I scored on etsy for Sophia!!). If you still have it, I would be SO appreciative if you sent it my way!!! I'll send you $$ and if you need me to mail it back after Halloween, I'd be happy to! E-mail me. ;) sanashby(at)hotmail dot com