Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Busy Slacker!

No I’m not really a slacker. I’m too busy to be one, yet. However I unwisely let some distractions put some of my dreams on a back burner. Like my quest to conquer the clutter monster took a back seat to the stupid Sudoku puzzle book I got on vacation. I’d been meaning to finish a room so I could do the customary Before/After shots but it didn’t happen. I started several different projects but didn’t really finish anything. So I was a little disappointed that I let so many really unimportant things distract me from some of my dreams that I really want to accomplish this year.

So this week I’m back on the clutter dream – full on. Might even manage to pull off tackling two different areas to make up for my slacker de-clutter dream of last week.

We also have visiting with us our cousin (a few times removed, but somehow still related), and Abners best friend Owen Zenos or OZ for short. OZ will be gracing our home with his absolutely wonderful model teenager temperament. He is the baby of his family and the only kid living at home with his parents, so our houseful of wild crazies might just send him into therapy when he goes back home in a week and a half. Abner and OZ are now brainstorming all the amazing movies they will be creating over the next so many days. Who knows maybe some will be post-able..

Now that summer is half over I thought it might be nice to hang a little color from the front porch. Our local grocery store had some plants on clearance and it was way cheaper to buy the plants than to buy a planter already decorated. I had these cute little metal baskets that have been sitting on the front porch for a few years just waiting for my brown thumb to attack them.

So I did. Evo-man helped me too.

I can’t even tell you the names of the plants or if they are shade or sun plants. I’m not a plant person and I expect they will look nice for a couple of weeks until I get to busy to remember to water them. Then they’ll die like all the other plants and I’ll rip them down and store the nice metal containers on the front porch until I get another sad urge to try and keep color around.

But until then I’ll enjoy them and try to remember to water them and hope they survive me for a little while at least!


bestfamily said...

How Purty! Makes me wanna do something with the mess around my porch.

Anonymous said...

Don't underestimate yourself, Fawndear! You may find that you enjoy the color on your porch enough to keep up the watering.
Case in point: I am not much of a plant person either, but have been discovering the beauty of plants thanks to the influence of my mother-in-law. She wasn't happy with the dearth of green when she moved in and has encouraged us to add some, in spite of all my protests that bringing green living things into our house would make her an accomplice to plantacide. I have been surprised to discover that I am enjoying the beauty enough that I am inspired to actually invest the required energy in trying to remember to water, and it is, in fact, working!
I know you can do it. You have continued to work on the de-cluttering dream successfully--this is just the next step!