Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pollyanna Moments

I loaded Hope into our family gas sucker today to take O.Z. to the airport and she asked if we were going swimming at Grandma’s house. She has asked me if she can go to Grandma’s house every time I’ve loaded her up for a drive for the past week.

I can’t believe how quickly that two weeks flew by. We are really going to miss O.Z. I’d show you how exhausted he looked from several all nighters in a row but my camera’s batteries bit the dust when I went to download the pic’s. After two weeks with us he may need some therapy. I think Post Traumatic Stress Disorder may be a reality in his future after witnessing Hope’s Striptease Act a few dozen times a day. But I think he will survive.

So anyway, back to a few weeks ago while we were at Gran’s house, I had my girls watch one of her oldie but goody movies that I don’t happen to have – Pollyanna. And gosh darn-it those glad moments have been happening left and right around our digs as well. But Pollyanna’s crystal producing rainbows have nothing on Lea’s skylight CD ultra-color Rainbow.

I almost want to invent a CD encrusted floor that reflected this brilliance on the walls and ceiling daily. It would make Hope’s artwork pale in comparison and eliminate the need to paint color on the walls. It would make our three weeks of sun during the year quite the extravaganza.

My other glad moments were getting rid of the rest of the garage sale items as they went to the thrift store.

I did send a few a my nicer things to Smilie’s house since she is having a Bust-It-Out-Of-The-House money maker herself this weekend. Good-bye extra clutter – and good riddance.

And another summer dream was fulfilled today. I achieved that most elusive of all running dreams and ran a mile in under 9 minutes. Well, 8 min. 56 seconds to be exact and 1 ½ laps were even done in lane 2 at the track. I know a 9 minute mile isn’t a land speed record but it’s huge for me. HUGE BABY! Those Olympians should just watch their backsides because at the rate I’ve been improving I’ll whoop all of them in four years.

I just love these Glad moments.


Faith said...

Good for you! I'd probably fall over and pray for Death to come and take me quickly after running for one minute. My lungs aren't so strong.

Jennifer said...

Way to go!! Can't wait to see you make it to the big leagues ;)

Mel said...

I don't think I've ever watched Pollyanna. Hmmm.

Way to go with the running... you little speedster. What a great feeling it is to accomplish something like that. Keep it up! I'll watch for you in the Olympics in 4 years.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED "Pollyanna" when I was a kid, and I had forgotten about it in more recent years. I have to plan a movie day with the kids to introduce them to it and enjoy it all over again! Thank you for the reminder of a favorite childhood memory!
And congrats on the 9 minute mile! Achieving a huge personal goal like that is most definitely a Glad moment. I really enjoy the Glad moments you choose to share in your blog--they always bring add a bit of cheer to my day!

BTW, have an amazing time on your "Breaking Dawn" release party weekend. Right now I have a houseful of teenage girls who absolutely melted when I told them I have a friend who would actually be getting her copy in Forks, Washington! They are just a tiny, itty-bit jealous because they will be getting their copies right here at home. ;)