Sunday, July 6, 2008

High School Class Reunion

So this will give you an idea of just how small my H.S. graduating class is. Actually we had a 50% turnout last night when I went to my first reunion. Yes, there have been others but I was either on the verge of popping out a baby or had one too small to travel to attend the other get-togethers. 50% ain't too bad.

It was a simple but sweet shindig where we talked, ate, and laughed ourselves silly for a little over 3 hours. I think the advantages of being from such a small class is that you know everyone there. Some I didn't recognize and had to ask my home-town local friend who they all where but as soon as they started talking - bingo yeah I remember.
So a little has changed in the decade(s) since we graced the hallways of our teenage education facility. Some changes good and other's not so good. But it was comforting to know that we are all still alive and kicking.

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