Thursday, July 17, 2008

Time Flies When You're...


Time Flies By Especially When Your Busy, On Vacation, and Busy again!!! And of course it flies by when your having fun. Wow, what a week.

My family reunion was a blast! The highlight had to be Grandma Serenading us with her Sweet Mystery of Love song. Oh I was sooooo tempted to upload the video but there would have been a good chance of me being disowned so I’ll just leave a snippet of a verbal picture to give you an idea. Not only can Grandma sew a mean seam, grow a literal Garden of Eden, and survive my kids and myself for an entire week, but she can belt out the songs too. Well, not really, but her trying to belt it out was too funny for words, and what was the best part was that she was game to the whole experience. She put all of us to shame.

Time Fies By When Your in the Garden. It seems like yesterday that I was weeding this same patch of earth and complaining bitterly about it (since I was a kid) but this time around I was enjoying the whole green experiance and having a blast. I think my other favorite part of my family reunion was jumping into my Brother Speedys garden. He was kind enough to host the whole reunion at his home – which was the home I grew up in - many centuries ago – so we thought it fitting to lend him a hand. His garden was great but needed a little weeding. My Bro Arrow, Sis Lyric, Myself and Arrow's wife spent many a wonderful hour visiting and pulling weeds and making plans for future family half-marathons.

So last Friday my Dream-On picture would have to be Speedys garden before…

and Speedys garden after our weed-pulling gab fest. So it's not the Garden of Eden, but now Speedy can irrigate with no excuses.

Of course, I had so much fun pulling the nasty unwanted green growth that I finally caught on as to why my kids are so attracted to dirt. See Cousin and Princess with their mud pie!

Dang – it’s genetics. They have farm blood in them after all.

Princess couldn’t resist Speedys dirt either, and as soon as we got home Hope donned one of her Sunday best dresses and went outside and used the hose to create her own personal mud puddle.

Thank goodness for bleach.

Also in the genetics were the kids swinging from the same willow tree I swung in as a munchkin.

Seems time flies when your also having fun.

And even though P.E. married into my family he has adopted my Dad’s Mad Dutch Oven Skills.

So the reunion was great and by the end everyone was so exhausted with pleasure they were dropping where ever they could find a spot of flat space that wasn’t likely to be stampeded over by the gazillion little cousins running around.

Uncle Cotton-Eyed Joe even zonked with Little Man…

As well as T-rev, Hope and Abner, and...

did you ever in your life see someone take a cap nap on a basketball standard base? Well I have.

So the reunion made the whole trip and kid mishaps worth the time, expense and effort. The trip home was three hours shorter than the trip out which made me ubber grateful.

And the day after we got home...

Whippie, it was Day One of Raspberry U-pick season.

Raspberries are my favorite.

So I took my slave labor army once again...

and made them pick berries until their little fingers ran red with blo…, I mean raspberry juice. Slaves + 1 1/2 hours = 41 lbs. of sweeter than all goodness. Lea and Abner where once again my biggest helpers.

Then it was back home to the sticky insanity of making eight batches of jam, sucking down a couple pounds raw, freezing a dozen bags of berries whole and trying and burn down my own house. Yep, this time it was my turn. I sat the boiling water bath canner on the stove top and didn’t realize that one of my hot pads had stuck to the bottom of the kettle. At least when Hope tried to burn down Grandma and Papa’s home there there no actual flames involved, just a load of smoke.

For my fire, the flames were shooting out from under the canner a good few inches high. So I guess we can add fire accidents to my kid’s genetic make-up as well. Yep! They’re doomed alright!
We got back from our vacation to see the Shasta Daisy's in full glorious bloom. I just love how honking big they grow in our northwest climate.

However, I have to admit the weeds can grow just as tall as those daisys. Especially when time flies and you haven't been out to weed in a few years or so.

Time doesn't fly by when your trying to post a blog however. In the time I've been spending on this post, Hope emptied a bottle of Dawn dishwasher soap on the kitchen floor. It hasn't been this clean in a long time.

That and I'm running on a tired tank. And when you are tired and want to go to bed it takes so long to get the needed things done in order to fall into said bed. I'm hoping that Princess doesn't wake me up at 2 a.m. again this morning by hurling on me like she did last night. Talk about a nightmare. Nothing like being woke up by your six-year-old losing dinner on you. So here's to some good sleep and hoping that time doesn't fly too fast while I'm sleeping.


Jennifer said...

LOL! Awesome post :) Looks like a really fun family reunion!

bestfamily said...

Heehee...lovin the farm in the blood comment you made! Glad you had fun.

Anonymous said...

We didn't wait till Sunday to read we have been checking daily since you went home to see what you posted about the reunion. I do think it was great we have some wonderful and gifted people in the family put them together and a anything great is possible.

Susanne said...

I'm glad you guys had fun! For a second there, I was thinking those were your siblings actual names and then I realized you always change the names (but I really do know someone named Lyric). Too funny! :-)

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Are you sure you're not me? That raspberry picking, and the stove fire, and all? And don't you mean 41 pounds plus what everyone ate while they were picking?

Trena Doll said...

mmmmm - raaaahhzzzberries!

Anonymous said...

Too funny. I loved seeing you while you where in town. I'm glad that I had to come "home" to help my mom.
Fawn, your an amazing woman! And I have enjoyed reading your journey. Thank you for the memories. Seeing the kids 'swing' through the tree's reminds me of a young lady who lived in that tree, and wore GREEN tights.. lol.


Arrow said...

Thanks for sharing. We'll have to something like that garden thing again sometime!!