Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I love Irony

  I love irony

I have to love it.  It surrounds my every waking moment.

irony def

For example.  Being Unplugged = No electronic entertainment for the month of Feb.  Of course we said email was the exception.  Lo and behold Lea suddenly was very interested in emailing.  Now I've got to rethink the definition of unplugged.  It get's muddier every day.


The irony of Bedtime. 


It really means playtime to Hope and her sisters.

This is Princess an hour after she is supposed to be dreaming princess dreams being caught teasing her older sister.


We recently had some 'family fun time,' playing card games with the little girls.  Here's what our family fun looked like this evening.


Looks fun doesn't it.  To be honest both Prince Erik and I were bushed.   Usually we fake smile for Family fun time. 

More irony would have to be Kid's Homework.

dad book report

They should really call it parent homework because the kids can't do it without us.  If only I could get school credit for all the hours of hand-holding I've done over the years.  I'd have my PHD by now.  Here's poor Prince Erik acting the Hippie Dude News Reporter for Evo-man's video book report interview.

So because there's so much irony here we have to love it right?



Mel said...

I'm very intrigued with the idea of being "unplugged" for a month. What do you say if your kids want to play at a friends house? I'm thinking if we did it here my boys would just go to their friends homes to play wii.

Tink said...

Unplugged for a MONTH would be difficult! We were forced to do it once for several months, tho, when our TV went out and we couldn't afford to purchase a new one right away. We also didn't have a computer at the time. It was amazing how creative the kids got and they actually hauled their rearends outside to play!

Trena Doll said...

So - is there VIDEO of this book report?

fawndear said...

Yeah, there's a video. It's a bit tedious,and long so I didn't want to torture anyone with it.

cking said...

I am imagining the video book report and looking at the photo was supposing that Erik didn't mind it so much. (I have a roommate who loves to dress up and any excuse to put on a crazy wig would be welcomed by her:) It's actually quite fun:) I would suppose Erik is the sort that enjoys that a bit. But, I could be wrong!