Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Swap Happy

So I participated in my first ever apron swap...

kisses and hearts

Hosted by Aunt Pitty Pat and am tickled pink in more ways than one. My swap partner was Maria from Canada and I so wish she had a blog so I could see more of her work, because the package she sent me was adorable.


I'm going to have so much fun wearing this sweet apron. It sings of Spring.

Sweet Maria also sent me some wonderful craft goodies. I'm especially excited about the button's, ribbon and barrettes. I can just smell hair bows for my girls. I forgot to take a picture of the darling quilt pattern she gave me. A cute country threads 'Over the River' pattern that I must add to my 'to-do' list.


Here's part of me trying on the apron. Love it.


The apron I sent Maria I made to fit her hobby of quilting.

Now I know why I don't quilt that often. It takes a lot of patience.


Maria's favorite colors are green and brown so guess what color her apron is?

And since she's a quilter I made quilted pockets for her to keep her sewing goodies in. I also made the width of the apron skirt to be as close as I could get to measureing 1 yard. I would have sewn a measuring tape on it but I couldn't find one that matched the material.

I'm always misplacing my scissors and pins so I made some button & fabric strips attachments to hold her's.


And of course I send a few more goodies. Like little squares of left-over fabric. Maybe she could quilt a matching pin-cushion. I had to include a new find. A Fiskar's 12 in 1 sewing tool that you can take with you anywhere you go. I must get one of these for myself soon, then figure out how to attach it to myself so I don't lose it.


Anyway it was a truly wonderful swap and now I'm itching for more.


Sara said...

Cute aprons! I'm working on KT"s reversible one now. Pics coming soon!

I had a total FAIL on my quilt thrifting. Makes me so mad. But I'm going to start it ASAP

Faith said...

The apron you made is gorgeous! I made a quilt for my couch the year I was pregnant with my son. It's not a traditional looking quilt, but I designed it to fit my personality. It was fun, but a lot of work!

Jonathan & Cheri said...

You are super talented - the apron you made is awesome! Way to customize it for the receiver =)

princessmama said...

What fun:-) Cute aprons.

Brandi said...

The apron you made is gorgeous!

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

Thank you for posting about Maria's apron too... I just love both of them.. I will run and put them up on the slide show ;) I know where I can come if I have any quilting questions ;)

Anonymous said...

what wonderful aprons! I love how you made a quilt apron for your partner :)