Saturday, February 28, 2009

Redneck Before's and After's

So I thought I'd revive my popular Before/After series for ya'll.

The Family Room Floor Before...


And the Family room After I shaved off T-rev's mop.


Time for a shout out to my neighbor Jewel's who gave me her old hair clippers last summer. I'm convinced that oldies are the best. They sliced through T-rev's hair like a knife through butter. All the newer one's I've ever tried, and killed the motor on, have got jammed on my boys (thicker than horse hair) locks, but these were swell. Now I'm lining up the other Shaggy-Do's in the house so I can buzz them too.

Yes, I did clean the floor when I was done.

O.K. The next before shot...

Our TEMPORARY red-neck kitchen before...


Complete with 2X4 sink stand and camp-table countertop.

Now before ya get too excited about the after results. Let me warn you it's still not pretty to look at...

In fact it' downright deplorable. But I did it on advice from my Young and Gorgeous Counselor because we both agreed that three months of me doing all the dishes for my entire hilly-billy herd was enough. I wouldn't let anyone else do them because I was afraid of slops and spills on the lovely subfloor. Couldn't have another warp-rot on my hands, now could I?

So $5 worth of (pretty as a forest floor) tablecloth vinyl , and some good old duct tape later...



A kitchen floor just waiting for kids to do their own darn dishes and a place for Hope to pretend swim on.

Better still, more time for mom = worth ever red cent.

Last but not least. I've been so crazy busy that Lea decided to do her own 'before' an 'after' pictures of one of her jobs today. Just to prove to me she did it before it got mucked up again.

Bottom of the stairs that greet any visitin' guests as they walk in the front door of our hovel. Ahhhh Before...


And now for Lea's after shot...


Thank goodness the camera was out of focus. Or otherwise I'd be embarrassed to admit that the stupid carpet needs a deep clean like never before.

Well there you have it folks. My 'before's' and 'after's'. Tune back in next week and see our next batch of redneck re-do's.

Oh and - 1 more day of being unplugged - We survived!?! Can't wait to come visit all your blogs again. That is if you can stand the company?


Brandi said...

Love the kitchen floor! That is too funny! Can't wait to have you popping back in to check on little ole me!

princessmama said...

;-) You should see MY redneck kitchen, lol!

Glad you survived your month of being unplugged:)

Shannon said...

This is funny!! It's nice to have you back. I missed you over at my place.

The kitchen bit was a crack up.

Take care and have a really good week!