Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Husband - The Closet Blogger

So I got a big surprise this morning when this strange blog person left a message on my last post saying that he loved me. A bit mystified, I thought I'd better check out the guys blog before I told my husband about my secret admirer. I also worried that maybe I need to be a bit more truthful in my blogs about all the things I don't do well, as to not confuse strange guys into thinking that I'm the perfect catch. Great now some weirdo thinks he loves me.

Turns out the secret admirer was my husband. Whew! He's been blogging in secret for the past 14 days, getting ideas from many creative and marvelous ladies along the way. All leading up to today.

I was totally surprised. And I can honestly say that this has been my best Valentine's Day EVER!!! All because of the last 13 days leading up to it.

Traditionally Valentines Day has kind of stunk big time for me. All because, back in college, my best friend popped the big question to some other girl. I lucked out and she said no and long story short my best friend finally saw the light and ended up marrying me. But because of that I hated Valentines Day for years. Every year growing more disgusted with the heart shaped box of chocolates and roses. They just seemed like afterthoughts and obligatory gifts and not something truly from the heart of the admirer. My Prince of a Husband tried every year to play the dutiful husband on this day. Some years meeting with more success than others - but I couldn't help myself. I was the Grinch who stole Valentines Day.

Then this year happened and every day he gave me really meaningful little gifts. My favorite was the Nothing day when I had to do absolutely Nothing one morning and he got all the kids up, helped them dress in matching clothes (which is pretty amazing if you know his sense of style), fed them, and sent them off to school.

Some of my other favorite days were where he gave me babysitting coupons during the day, preferably around his lunch hour and with advance notice, where he would watch Miss Hope for me so I could go shopping or see my Young and Gorgeous Counselor. How cool is that. Oh, and the day he decided to do yard clean-up work. Now that was a shocker. Because he's been out in the yard maybe twice in last year. The boy was really trying hard.

My least favorite day was the day when he gave me a game to play with the kids. A game that since then, we've played nearly every day and I quite enjoy it. However my irrational mind was a bit affronted when he handed me a 'Pass the Pig' game. 'Pass the Pig', I thought, ' Was he trying to say I was a pig?' All irrational, silly thoughts on my part because I know he would never try anything ever like that.

So the build up to Valentines day this year has made me feel pampered, loved, needed, appreciated, etc. How lucky am I to have such an awesome guy???

Many thanks to everyone who gave him suggestions, ideas, and encouragement. You all totally rock!

My gift to him was very simple. I secretly took all the kids out and tried to take some decent pictures of each of them. Something that he could take to his office and see everyday. My thanks to him for the six most wonderful Valentines he's ever given me.










Princess and,



It hasn't always been easy. The pictures are the proof. Life is normally like this with these kids.


'Fine, I'll look happy for you mom, but...'


'I really hate it when you take my picture. Talk about torture.


Maybe if I pose like Spiderman, she'll leave me alone.'


'Your crazy, you know. This is not a dignified pose for a teenage boy.'


'Which way am I supposed to look?'


'No, I will not hold still. Model's constantly move around in photo shoots.'



I can't tell you what a satisfied smirk I had on my face as I walked through the local store today and saw all the other guys milling around the card and flower sections. Patting myself on the back for getting such a great guy. My grin faded away when I realized that I was there waiting for my valentine pictures to print (my gift to him), because I was a last minute kind-of gal this year.

My prince has told me not to expect this kind of wonderful treatment every year. I nearly wore him out. That's O.k., cause I know in his heart he loves me no matter what. That and I think that next year it's my turn to try pulling off the 14 days of Valentine for him.

Love you Prince Erik!


utmomof 5 said...

Sounds like you have a keeper!! Good job Price Erik!

princessmama said...

Sounds like fun...for you:-) What a sweet idea.

Love the pics of your kiddos, especially the second set, hehehe

mimiyost said...

You are the best FAWN!! The best wife my silly brother could have married:) I am very glad it all worked out. He really loves you to the ends of the earth.

Deanna said...

What a sweet man....awwwww!!!
Lovely photos of all of the kids! What a great idea!

Heth said...

That was the sweetest Valentines Day gift I have heard of! What a great hubby you have! And GREAT Job Prince Erik!!!

Anonymous said...

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