Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Fuzzy Pumpkin

Well Halloween has come and gone and I’m sure a lot of those carved pumpkins have started growing fuzz or some moldy form or another.  We’ve a totally different type of pumpkin fuzz growing in our home.

It came from some of our angel benefactors that helped contribute to our sanity over the past few months.

Meet the newest member of the herd.

Introducing ‘Pumpkin’, our fuzzy new kitty.

Fall 493

Pumpkin has wrapped his little furry body around all of our heart strings very quickly.


Even Itchy is enamored.  I’m sure Itchy is still in shock that Pumpkin doesn’t hiss and swat like our last cat Spo0ky did.   And as an added bonus - their furry coats kind of match.

Pumpkin even allows Hope to carry him about like a rag doll without a bawl or bite. 

Fall 488

Even the boys have to take turns cuddling the little fur-ball.

Fall 498 

Pumpkin’s a scooter too.  He has a lightening quick run which causes him to do some major slipping and sliding into walls.  I’m sure he will get used to our hardwood floors soon.   But it is quite comical to see him skating across the floor.

He as been dubbed ‘Pumpkin the Ninja Cat’, for his ability to scale walls, furniture and even water (we did try to bath him).  His super stealth reflexes were not diminished even after having his little talons clipped.    But he uses those reflexes only for good (our merriment).  I’m sure we will have to figure out how to teach him that scaling furniture may not be in his best interest when he is older and less adorable.

This year – no Halloween theme.  Even more sadly, I didn’t get around to repurposing costumes like I usually do.  I did spend less than $100 on costumes.  But sadly I did buy the girls theirs from mass marketed, poor quality will be guaranteed to rip apart after two wearings, party stores. Never again.  Overpriced pieces of junk.   I would have loved to have made them like in years past.  But it wasn’t to be this year.  Princess went as Silvermist the Fairy,  Lea was a Candy Corn Witch and Hope was Sleeping Beauty.

Fall 432

They were escorted around town Trick or Treating by a Beardless Prince Erik.  And that little Santa belly was really a fanny pack holding all valuables and a few extra treats.


Sadly I didn’t monitor the candy intake and by the end of the night the girls were in desperate need of a sugar de-tox.

The boys costumes were less imaginative and really simply.  Orange shirts that read, ‘My Tee-shirt beats your costume anytime’.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  Bring on my Thankful month.

Today.  I’m thankful Halloween is over.  Whew!


icandy... said...

How adorable!!!! Have a beautiful day!

Trena Doll said...

Pumpkin's adorable! As are the girlies in their costumes. Glad you survived the holiday. ;)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Congrats on your kitten. My MIL has one that looks just like that--same name--but he grew up to be a big angry beast, which I KNOW yours will NOT!
Adorable girl children! Isn't it a fun holiday?

princessmama said...

Pumpkin is so adorable! I love orange kitties, if cats were allowed at my house I would have to have one.

laterg8r said...

i love the pic of the meltdown - so cute, poor thing - good thing it's only once a year :D

Beth said...

Pumpkin is so sweet! I'm sure he will bring much joy to your family. There's nothing like a warm, purring kitty to give a peaceful feeling.

Arrow said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of the Halloween costumes!