Friday, September 24, 2010

Finding Balance

Yesterday I took a break from purging my junk.  Needed to fuel my talent for being creative – and I used up some junk in the process.   I don’t want to get burnt out with the whole de-clutter process.

I decided to finish a challenge after all, but I did something totally different than what I was planning on doing before my ‘Aha-Hoarder’ moment last week.  I decided to make an organizer to old the various odds and ends of a Nintendo DS we have.  I keep one so that when I have to drag Hope with me to an appointment I can plug her in.  Otherwise, she’d be bouncing all over the furniture and talking to everyone.  We don’t play it much, but it makes appointments fun for her.  I’ve been carrying it around in Ziploc bags in my purse forever.  But, this got rid of some of my garbage clutter and helped me organize the games a bit better.

It almost matches my purse.  Lucky me.  And when not going to appointments, I can store it on the shelf next to books.   

Summer 844

I posted a tutorial on how I made it HERE.  Now, I’m thinking I could do several of these types of cases for various things my boys have.  Would make great Christmas stocking stuffers on the cheap.  I only have to be sure to be realistic about what I have time to do and it’s time frame.  Otherwise this idea falls into my addicting clutter frame of mind.    That’s the only thing that stinks about being creative.

I met with ‘Young and Gorgeous’ today!  Of course she thinks I’m doing Fab and going in the right direction.  The one concern that’s overwhelmed me with the whole gutting process is the thought of running around like crazy and monitoring the family to make sure they are complying with our simple dream lifestyle. 

She Said, ‘Fawn, you have a husband right?


‘Well can’t he monitor too?’

‘Yes, I guess he could.’

‘And your kids have all agreed that they want this too – right?’

‘Dang, you are so right.’

She pointed out that I am not doing this alone.  We are all doing it together and I shouldn’t put such a overwhelming heavy burden on my shoulders.  We can all Jillian Michaels kindly monitor each other.  Then, I’m not the only Bad Guy.  Plus, having little Hope sweetly ask Prince Daddy to pick up his socks would sound way cuter from her than it would from mommy.

By the time I’m finished with this process, I will practically fly everywhere, my self-imposed burdens seem to lift a little every week. Love my counselor! 

Now, I’ve just got to control this crazy creative brain of mine.  It’s been dreaming of following the ‘Project Runway’ challenges when they are given each week.  You know watch through the show until the challenge is given – turn off the TV, run to the thrift store to buy fabric and see if I can’t create something similar if not better than the contestants?)  How crazy is that idea.  Of course I’d try and rationalize the process by saying I was trying to create a wearable look for a member of my family that fit in the definition guidelines.  But which of my girls is looking for a High Fashion /Couture Look to wear to Pre-school?  Okay, I know Hope would love to wear a princess gown to the dump if she could.  Anyway, that’s the inner ramblings I have to deal with from myself – on a daily basis.  Good thing I’m not the only one that crazy creative.  Commented about it to ‘Grosgrain’ and she loved the idea as well.  Love Grosgrain’s creativity, wish I had as much time to sew.

Now I’ve got to go find something to chuck!  Blah!!!


rdjhedwig said...

Yes the monitoring part is the hardest for us creative crazies because its so hard to keep us on track and moving its even harder to check on others. So when dd2 complained about her knee hurting dh said oh you can take her to the doctor to get checked cause I have to help a friend I said I guess she'll be waiting because I have to work because my 1 girl is out on maternity. so you have tomorrow nite too. He dropped the subject and went off. It's easy to delegate harder to do as we she's already know.

Trena Doll said...

um, project runway challenges? NOOooo! Have you seen that show? Those challenges are nothing about creating wearable fashion. They're more about indulging the Crazy and embracing the Drama! Be strong, sister! Just say NO!

fawndear said...

But Trena Doll, I am crazy (ask my counselor), and there is no shortage of Drama in my life. So, I think I'd fit right in.

SarahS said...

Hahaha, I LOVE that show! (Mostly, of course some of the drama is just too much. But, I watch it with my MIL and we roll our eyes together at the drama, and try to guess who's going to win and lose each challenge--we have fun :)

I bet you Could come up with cuter stuff for sure, but... I wouldn't be caught encouraging a tendancy to clutter in ANYONE, lol ;D I'm so inspired by your determination. Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

Katy Cameron said...

Good luck with the monitoring! I really need to persuade some of my staff at work to take on similar responsibilities - they seem less keen though *sigh*. Maybe I can borrow Hope for a day? :o)