Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finding Someday – Today!

My mom told me that she was once helped clean out the home of a lady who had died.  In the inventory of her house was untouched treasures that the woman had never really gotten to enjoy.  Not gold or money, but treasured items of linen, tableware, etc., and other such items that the person was saving for her future dream home.  Her ‘Someday’ home.  Her ‘Someday’ never came.

I’ve found myself often in that position.  Saving items for display until after I’m convinced the children have outgrown their accidents.  How thick of a thought is that?  My kids outgrowing accidents?  ‘Snort.’  Not going to happen.

Then I woke up. 

I want my Someday House – Today. 

I may never have that specific dream home with a wrap around porch.  But, I can make my home today every bit as much of a dream to live in.  Enjoy every room, and create memories of love with my family.   

As I’m now sifting through my piles and piles of crap.  I’m trying to find and enjoy object for my ‘Someday’ house - Today.  Trying desperately to save ONLY the things I need and love.  I’m craving simplicity.

Here’s a small accomplishment.  A typical view of my dining room hutch.  It’s been cleaned off before.  Hopefully the new tools my counselor and organizer give me will help me keep it clean.

Summer 525

You know it took me an entire day to clear this hummer.  One whole day of nothing else getting done.  But when I finished, there was a box of thrift items, two garbage bags, overflowing recycling, and two bags of shredded paper.

Summer 670

Even Hope was enthusiastic about helping me with the shredding process. 

Summer 679

And when I was done not only were the surfaces cleared and simply decorated.  But every drawer and cupboard was as well.

Summer 668

Including treasured linens that I intend to use now and not wait until I have that ‘Someday’ house.  And if my kids have an accident?  I’ll deal with it.  It’s only stuff right?

Summer 672 

I tried not to think too hard and follow my gut instincts.  My first thought was to toss the magazines.  When I sat down to really look at them I was flooded with the projects I wanted to keep them for, or the crafts my kids could do while cutting up their pages.  But in the end I followed my first thoughts, and they became part of my thrift pile.

Summer 671

There’s many more boxes of them upstairs,  I hope I can let go of them as readily.

And here’s my dining room hutch today.  Notice how I tried to crop the clutter of the rest of the room out.  It’s still not done.  But, we had dinner on the dining room table last night, if that helps.     

Summer 721

I didn’t want to stop with just shifting the stuff to other areas.  I wanted it all to be free and clear. 

I’ve four piles now.  This thrift pile was picked up this morning by the donation truck.  There is another in my front room that I’ve taken pictures of because my husband wants to EBay the items.

Then there is the dreaded, ‘I want this but don’t know where to store it.’  I’m saving that for the professionals to help me deal with. 

Finally there is the last pile – Pure Garbage.  Instead of showing you photos of trash bags every time I blog, I thought I’d keep a running total of them on my sidebar.  I don’t want my blog to become specific to my addiction to Hoarding.  I've six kids and a peculiar Prince of a Man, who’s my husband.  They are my real treasures.  And in treating my problems I’m freeing up more time, money, and will be a better wife and mother with hopefully less emotional strain.  But it’s hard.  Already I’m running out of the easy things to let go of. 

Today, I opened a cabinet of empty photo albums.  They’ve been there for almost 13 years.  Untouched.  I closed the cabinet.  I’m going to let go of them but it’s painful.  Instead, my husband and I have decided to start the slow process of scanning and saving the Master Bedroom closet full of huge boxes of memorabilia and photos  - Save it onto the computer.  Saving only the most precious.  What’s crazy is that I used to be a Creative Memories Consultant preaching about saving those photos.  But the creative process of decorating each and every page burnt me out and I haven’t touched a photo album for 13 years.  Can’t do it.  Need simple.  Need something that won’t overwhelm me again.  Scanning and organizing those photos, I can do.

I’m trying to live today as if it was the ‘Someday’ I’ve always dreamed about.  Enjoy the treasures now, and not wait.  And if I can’t enjoy them now, why hang onto them?  Right?  Or at least that’s what I’m trying to tell myself.


Richins Family said...

Way to go FawnDear. Throw your curtains open, because you are trying. That is all that matters. Your Hutch looks beautiful. You will make it. Live for today and Enjoy it! We love you!

LadyDoc said...

WOW- the hutch looks BEAUTIFUL!!! Great job!!

Linda in New Mexico said...

Hey good for your girl. When my Mother died, I was left to clean out the house...lots of "saving for good" as she would put it. The only good was that I sold them on Ebay and Craigslist. Poor thing she just wasn't able to use what she had and always wanted what she couldn't have.
I go through spurts where I purge and refresh my outlook at what I have because of having gone through that hard to deal with situation.
You are doing good for yourself and your family. Baby steps my dear and cut yourself some slack. The hutch was a big project. Sometimes folks can only start with a drawer. You'll have it done when you can do it. Yay for you Fawndear. The Olde Bagg

Rosemary said...

FawnDear, I am a hoarder, too. I know how hard it is to part with stuff. My closets and cupboards are bursting. I am proud of you for cleaning out your hutch and diningroom table. Way to go! If you get any specific tips from the professionals, I hope you will share them with us.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Way to live NOW! That is the same rationale I use for pulling out the good china and getting rid of the cheap Target dishes. Life is too short.

SarahS said...

I love this! My grandma just gave me a birthday card that says to find something beautiful that you love, not to hide away for someday but to bring you joy now

I DO want to make my home a dream home NOW, not wait for circumstances to line up.