Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hack and Whack

The weapon of choice.

Evidence gathered from a crime scene.

Summer 441 

Close up!  ‘Waaaaah!’ cries Mom.

Summer 444

The perpetrator is caught and taken in for a mug shot.

Summer 436

Then whisked away to the cheapest hair cut place I could still find open.  I guess I got what I paid for  - a cheap cut.

Summer 447

Sadly, the stylist spoke very little English and even after I kindly held up my hands to Hope’s hair (three times) trying to show her how short I would prefer the hair cut (to hide the evidence of a crime).  Well let’s just say I finally gave up trying to communicate and brought the culprit Hope home.   And here’s the uneven mess the hairdresser left me with.

Summer 448

Are you kidding me? 

Summer 452

How uneven can you get?  So seeing that I had no extra money to go find someone to cut it right.  Well let’s just say Hope had to pray hard I wouldn’t mess it up even more as I tried to fix the extra mess the hair dresser made. So, here’s my attempt at a fix.

Summer 460

And the front, which I must mention in my defense, is much fluffier when dry.

Summer 469

Dang, I miss her hair.

  Summer 429

Snapped this picture the same day she whacked it all off.   Well at least it will grow.  Meanwhile the scissors are under lock and key along with the permanent markers.   I think it turned out as okay as any inexperienced, untrained person could have cut it.  And I have to say it matches her sassy personality quite well.

I think she chopped it off because big sis Princess recently got a shorter do.  Princess has a nasty habit of chewing on her hair when concentrating.  That and I could just see her gnawing on it at school so she got a cropped look too.  But I’m missing both my girls hair.

Summer 401

The other hack and whack we attempted today was for a National Day of Service to commemorate the Anniversary of Sept. 11th.  No we didn’t whack or hack anyone.  We, along with thousand of others in our area participated in service projects all over the community.  We ended up helping out weed a garden for a local non-profit organization Camp Korey.  Sadly, I forgot the memory card to my camera.  The whole family went and weeded for 4 hours.  Let me say, the time flew by and I have to say pulling weeds is much more fun when there’s lot’s of people helping out.

The spirit of  whacking was preserved long after we went back home.  We decided to attempt to fight the jungle out back.  We mowed down weeds taller than myself and have now started laying out plastic to kill them off so we can till up the ground next spring.  I want my garden back. 

Summer 454

Weed hacking I can handle.  Let’s just hope the hair hacking has come to an end.


Linda in New Mexico said...

When my daughter was a youngster she gave herself a "do" by cutting her bangs down to the scalp. Yikes. So when her daugher gave her little brother a "do" and my offspring started to have a meltdown....I wasn't very sympathetic...I just laughed and told her.....all experience rolls down to speak. The Olde Bagg

SarahS said...

At least when boys give themselves a hair cut you can just buzz it off! I still tell them, "Just ASK me, I will Happily (*sniff sniff* even if I miss the curls) give you a hair cut if you want one!!"

Katy Cameron said...

Oopsie, oh well, at least it wasn't too short, and I think you did a great job on the evening up

McBrides said...

I saw her today at church and thought it was so cute--you did a great job! It does seem to fit her personality perfectly. :)

Arrow said...

It looks like you have your hands full! If it makes you feel any better, after Debs and I had been married just a couple of years, she forgot to put the guard on the electric shears. Consequently, I had a line running down the back of my head until my hair could grow back. I must say it was quite embarrassing to walk on campus and teach classes during those few weeks!

Richins Family said...

So sorry! Haircuts by children are never fun to deal with, because we are not the ones that made the decision. But you did a fabulous job at fixing it! You should have just done it in the first place. The girls do look cute with their haircuts though. It is something you will never let them forget.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I just tarped one of our gardens, too!
oh, those poor curls. But kids do that, they cannot help it. Maybe it's easier with boys because you can "hide" it with their hair cuts better!

Trena Doll said...

aw, I think the short curls look cute :)

The Trio said...

You did a great fix-it job.....just keep those scissors out of sight. My daughter did it twice...just when I thought it was safe (last time was in 1st grade).