Sunday, September 13, 2009


Talk Like A Pirate Day countdown banner
Many thanks to Beth of Road to Joy for giving me an early heads-up on fun.
It's the perfect excuse I've been looking for to turn the mundane into swashbuckling fun. Life is still as though our family was on a voyage through rough seas but the ship is sound and we are plowing through these murky, turbulant waters with stout hearts. Might I say we have the best Captian at our Helm as well. I'm constantly reminded of the quote. 'When Life Sends Storms, Learn to Dance in the Rain.' So that's just it... we are going to have a Jig inspired Pirate Party Day at my house on the 19th.

Humm, I wonder what the young-un's will think of us doing some pillage and plundering of the garden, or looting the Library? Maybe there might even be time for a little viewing of my favorite pirates. Handsome Jack....

Or the Pirate from my youth - Long John Silver from Disney's Treasure Island.

Or my newest villan infatuation. Jason Isaac's Hook from the Live Action Peter Pan.

Be still my black heart. I can't wait.


Natalie said...

HelLO, HOW could you forget WILL TURNER? I think I'd rather have Orlando Bloom than Taylor Lautner. Just remember Will is more trustworther than Jack Sparrow and I do not CARE if he is in love with Elizabeth Swan.

laterg8r said...

johnny depp is hot :D

BumbleVee said...

nay Nat....Jack's the man...he always comes through in the end, doesn't he now?

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I like that last pirate best, too. Jack Sparrow is fine, but overrated. Captain Hook has a blacker heart!

Funny you should post this--we're halfway through Treasure Island (unabridged!) as a read aloud at our house!

Anonymous said...

My in-laws celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary yesterday. I didn't realize when I sent the card that it would also be Talk Like a Pirate Day. It's clearly an opportunity missed!