Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Brain… What, Where?

I’ve discovered over the past nine plus weeks that stress can do really funny things to your brain.  Mine has gone missing. I am searching for it as we speak.  My short term memory is shot to bits. 

CUsersMomDesktopCurrent Pictures2009Fall 032

I constantly find myself driving to somewhere totally unrelated to where I need to be or asking my  husband the same question I asked him not 5 minutes before, because I forgot his answer.  It’s a little scary.  But I think I’ve got a solution to my problem.  It’s called Sleep, Exercise, and eating something other than Chocolate and Sugar.  DUH!!! & UGH!!!

CUsersMomDesktopCurrent Pictures2009Fall 036 

And while I’m working on those three things I’m relying heavily on Lists to help me stay on track.   Lists are great except I have to remember where I put the lists and then I have to remember to actually look at the lists.  Wow, that’s a lot for a fried brain to remember.  But it’s working.  Thankfully I haven’t misplaced any kids yet,  they wear clean clothes, eat healthy foods, and we still visit the land of imagination occasionally.  Yes, my house is very messy and still cluttered but no matter how hard things are I’ve got to remember to Smile and keep going. 

Seeing how I’ve already lost one week off the 100 days till Christmas – I’ve got to get BUSY!!! Without losing what’s left of my brain as well.

I found my Holiday planner and I’ve thrown out the pages I no longer need, and have fresh pages in to start to work on. 

So over the next week this is my Holiday Checklist.  I’ve decided to show you the ideas on what I’ll be making my kids because they never read my blog, I’m not interesting enough and they know that I’ll tell them if I blog about them.  However my siblings who probably check daily to see if I’ve been committed to the funny farm yet, are not going to get any hints on their gifts.  Neener, neener, NEENER!  But remember my WISH budget of $200 which means simple, but hopefully meaningful.

So this weeks HOLIDAY countdown includes…

1.  Update Holiday Mailing List.

2.  Decorate for Halloween. (with the exception of carved pumpkins. For that would make a moldy gooey mess if done now)

3.  Finalize costume plans.

4.  Start planning Christmas Gift Lists

So that’s what’s happening on the holiday front.  On the Home front.  I’ve got to process all the goodies my garden is throwing at me.

CUsersMomDesktopCurrent Pictures2009Fall 003

Thankfully the girls are excited to enjoy these last few days of our Indian Summer.  Lea picked and cleaned some carrots for me.CUsersMomDesktopCurrent Pictures2009Fall 004

While Princess and Hope decided to tackle a weed patch without me even asking them.

CUsersMomDesktopCurrent Pictures2009Fall 008

I think they were motivated to uncover this hidden treasure.

CUsersMomDesktopCurrent Pictures2009Fall 001

Silly weeds had no chance against those two.  They uncovered the bike in no time.

CUsersMomDesktopCurrent Pictures2009Fall 002

Now I’ve just got to clear out the garage so we can hide the bikes from future weed infestations.

Well I’m off – lots of work to wrap my mind around.  Now where did I put that list?


Honey Mommy said...

You are hilarious! I know what you mean though. I have to write everything down now or I forget it... or nothing gets done!

laterg8r said...

love the bike in the weeds, good way to get your weeding done LOL :D

Trena Doll said... are stronger and smarter than you know. Hang in there, xoxo

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

The bike picture is a hoot! I'm a lister too--but I'm not thinking past Halloween right now! And our lists look pretty darn similar.

Jane said...

I can relate to the lost brain,maybe they are hanging out together having a grand old laugh. Watching us run around trying to remember what we are doing : )I really love your blog thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

BoufMom9 said...

so, when you find your brain, let me know where you locate it, because I think mine is there too...

Arrow said...

Wow! You have a garden that actually grows vegetables! I wish we could say the same for us.