Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pirate Party!

Ahoy There Me Hearties!   Well we survived our International Talk Like A Pirate Day.


Even our teenage boys got in the spirit of the day and texted their friends in pirate lingo.  Twas fun hearing an occasional Arrggh, and Shiver me Timbers, as they would be conversing with acquaintances on the phone.

And although I would have loved to use this fun idea, I just didn’t have the time.  Maybe next year.  For the Family Fun’s Treasure Chest Cake see directions here. 

Treasure Cake

I especially found the comment about baking it in large loaf pans helpful, as it’s much easier to frost baked sides instead of cut sides.

If your a wee bit more adventurous you could try this one.  Instructions here.

Pirate ship cake

For our little shindig, I plundered some pirate plates, black cups and loot at the local $1 store.   Arggghh,  Then I loaded them up with Buccaneer Grub that included. Pirate Cookies made from Fudge covered Graham Crackers with White Icing Gel.

Summer 2028

And any Pirate Party on board our ship wouldn’t be worth it’s salt without a little Root Beer and Pirate Booty.

Summer 2032

And if you can eat fish and not feel like your stomach is rolling on the high seas then for your main course have some Clam Chowder, Hard Tack Biscuits, and Salted Meat Ocean Adventure Chicken Nuggets.

Summer 2034

I know, I know, this isn’t the most nutritious grub to grace your Pirate Plate.  So work it off by playing a rousing game of…

Pirate Charades.  Act out words like treasure, parrot, eye-patch, Hook, Jolly Roger, Skull and Crossbones, Walk the Plank, spyglass, cannon, peg leg, Black Beard, Shiver me Timbers, Cabin Boy, etc.

And what’s a Pirate Party without a Treasure Hunt.


Make your map from a brown paper grocery bag.  Crumple it up and soak it wrinkled paper in a blended mixture of 1/2 cup water and 1/8 cup cocoa powder. The plus side is that the map smells great and looks ancient.  Wring the liquid out and dry flat.  When it’s dry just decorate it with colored pencils and you have a nifty Pirate Map.  Hide your loot then let your little buccaneers search for their buried treasure.  It’s a bonus if you have a nearby beach or sandbox at your disposal.

We couldn’t make it to the beach today on account of the abundant liquid sunshine.  But between the cloudbursts the girls and I enjoyed an nice jaunt through the neighborhood looking for that Treasure.

Summer 2036

And what’s a Treasure Hunt without the Pirate Eye Patches?

We looked high and low for that accursed gold but all we found was some frightfully delicious wild blackberries.

Summer 2050

And some precious trinkets dropped by a very generous tree.

 Summer 2063 

And all the gold we found just happened to be in a beautiful last display of summer.

Summer 2065

The girls we a wee bit disappointed in the natural treasure hunt wild goose chase I led them on. 

Not me.  I loved every moment with them.  Especially loved to see them helping each other out.

Summer 2059 

The surprise came at the end of the hunt when we arrived back home and Prince Erik Captain Erik presented his little crew with a bag of loot.  

Summer 2069

We let them know that you can search for treasure the whole world over and no matter what you find, it will never be as sweet or rewarding as the treasure of family and home.

Might I say I have the best Captain and Crew ever! 


Arrow said...

It sounds like it was a lot of fun!

daylily777 said...

What a wonderful party. I love the nature treasure hunt and family time is the best time.Thanks for the party ideas.8-)I mean Arrrgh. Ahoy matey, thankee for the ideaee!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ahoy! Avast! Shiver me timbers!
We did a pirate themed party years ago and yes, the sandbox was an excellent place to hide gold coins for a treasure hunt.

Eve said...

Hey that's my house! Why did you not stop by?