Monday, September 7, 2009

Forget Smores – Try Smeeps instead!

Nothing can take me back to childhood quicker than a good old Smore.  Of course I choose the less messy way to make them.

Summer 1448

Under a broiler in the over for a few seconds and you get a plate load of yummy goodness.  Yeah, the marshmallow on a stick is good sticky fun.  But when you just can’t wait, or the liquid sunshine douses your outdoor fire, this way works just fine.

Summer 1449

In a farewell to summer, this last weekend I was introduced to what I’d like to refer to as Smeeps.


Instead of roasted marshmallows try Peeps.  My friends call them the Crème de a crème of toasted sugar.  Don’t burn them and they have a nice caramelized shell.

I think I might buy some next time they go on holiday clearance and instead of skewering the little darlings I might go all witchy and broil them.  Hummm, I wonder if Smwinkies would taste good.  Couldn’t hurt to try!  Might be fun experiment to see what a broiled Twinkie turns out looking like.

Maybe I’ve had too much sugar lately.  Okay, I admit it,  I’ve had way too much sugar lately. 

I’m still living one day at a time.  This last week was exceptionally hard because I had to send my offspring back to school.

And since you haven’t seen enough back to school pictures on everyone else’s blog I thought I’d throw in mine so I could irritate you with pictures you really don’t want to see but Granny would. 

T-rev doesn’t like blending in.  This shirt just about nails his personality on the dinger.  My, but he is awesome.


Lea and Princess couldn’t wait to get back to school to see their old friends and possible make some new ones.


And Hope’s nigh bursting out of her shoes as she wishes she were big enough for school.  I haven’t the heart to tell her they won’t have her for yet another two years.  Maybe it’s time to bring back my Princess Academy Pre-School level.


If school weren’t enough to handle we are also getting ready for Mom-ah to come visit.  I was blessed when a friend was giving away a free full size mattress and box spring because it meant that we could pull out an old antique bed from storage and set it up.  Thus not making my mom  me sleep on the couch.

Evo-man and I also got to take care of some farm animals for a friend this weekend.  And to be honest I loved it.  Really took me back to my days as a farm girl.  Had they had a cow to milk it might have all but transported me back in time. 


And I’ve fallen in love with their kittens.  Their short hair reminds me so much of our Nala.  Little bundles of peachy joy is what they are.


Don’t they look cute enough to cuddle? 

So I’m off to do what Labor day should be all about – WORK!        I might actually work up a sweat shopping the 1/2 off sale at the local Thrift store.


Arrow said...

That's a great idea with the in-the-oven smores. I think we'll do that tonight. I'm glad you'll have Mom for a few days!

laterg8r said...

those smeeps cracked me up :D

kitties are toooo cute! i'd want to keep them all!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Smeeps! I wonder if that technique improves the taste? Your kids look ready for school! Look out!

daylily777 said...

I will try to try the smeeps,the grandkids would probably go crazy for them. Your kids look eager to start a new schoolyear adventure. I hope ,It's a great year for them.
So nice to have a visit from your mom.I hope she enjoys herself.
I have a post up about receiving my give-away gift. if you have time stop by and see it ;-)
Have a great weekend.

Natalie said...

Oh, cute little kittens!