Saturday, June 26, 2010

Beware the March Hare!

Spring 1800

Especially if your late for Tea…

Many thanks to Sweet Vanessa of ‘A Fanciful Twist’,for cooking up this Mad Party!

mad party

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Now back to our Mad Tale in Wonder (What-were-they-Thinking)Land. The March Hare loves a good Tea Party but he’s very particular about promptness. So with the help of Mollymkun the Dormouse they planned a perfectly mad party.

Even brought in the Maypole, which the Mad Hatter hat-ed himself.

Spring 1523

With plenty of Lime-Aid Pishalver (shrinking potion), and Frosted Brownies Upelkuchen (growing cake) on hand for emergency use only.

Spring 1585

And Mollymkun even happened to snatch one of the Red Queen’s cakes (Cherry Chip/Red Velvet) for the festivity. Better hope she doesn’t find out or the Dormouse will lose her head.

And before you know it the crazy guests Gallymoggers arrived.

Spring 1542

Even Alice,

And the Queens Croquet Stick.

Some knew of the March Hare’s dislike for latecomers, others did not. Mallymkun could see the March Hare’s temper rising and she tried to calm him down.

Spring 1801

Maybe she should share some of her favorite beverage with him.

Spring 1796

But he wouldn’t be distracted and soon he came up with a madly, wicked idea. “Who’s to Say What is Proper?”

Spring 1813

‘You’re All Late for Tea!’

Poor Dormouse.

Spring 1857

And just like Our Mad, Mad, Mad Party Last Year, the Madness spread around the whole table. And within seconds the food was gone.

Some didn’t know what hit them.

Spring 1556

Others were prepared.

I mean if someone had to throw something at you at least it was food.

Thankfully no one lost their heads, maybe because the Red Queen wasn’t invited, but still, that’s saying something. No one really wants to lose their head.

Spring 1557

And after the food quit flying, the crazies entertained each other with a nice Futterwacken around the maypole.

Spring 1565

Many, many thanks to all who participated in our Mad Tea Food Fight Party. For it is a true friend who can still love you after you subject him to such lunacy.

Have I gone Mad? Why yes, but I’ll let you in on a little secret. All the best people are.

Spring 1833

And with that Lea Alice bid’s you farewell – until next time. Thanks for stopping by.


Abi said...

Lovely post! looks like everyone had a blast!!

Maggi said...

~*~*~*Hip hip hurray it's Tea Party Day!*~*~*~

My goodness, what a lot of celebrities at this party, I feel so lucky! The food fight was awesome! :D

Thanks for having me at your tea party! if you haven't been already, you're cordially invited to my mad tea party! Have yourself a mad sort of day! :)

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Farewell till next time! It was all very delightful! Have a nice weekend! Twyla

Melissa said...

What a fun Tea Party! Looks like everyone had a blast! thanks for having me.

Happy Tea Partying!

daylily777 said...

Looked like a very fun party !

MARLOU B. said...

Thank you so much for sharing.
Happy Tea Party Day to you!!

KarenHarveyCox said...

What a delightful party, and your guests are so wonderful. How fun that everyone got in the mood to enjoy a totally mad party. Mollymkun and the dormouse are perfect of course, and your march hare is adorable.

What a wonderful Mad Tea party.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fawndear, I really enjoyed your mad tea - and what a fun way to end it! Take care & enjoy the tour around!

laterg8r said...

what great face paint for the march hare :D

love the end of your party :D

Ginny Diezel said...

What a lovely party! And, thanks for stopping by my blog! Isn't this fun!

Kristal said...

OMG...I just realized something! You must think I'm the dingiest person around!! I drew your name last year and COMPLETELY FORGOT!! We've moved 3 (or 4, I forget) times since then. I promise, I will get something together for you! I think all the stuff is still in a storage unit back in Florida.

Anyway, I really love your party this year! It looks like so much fun!


Jorgelina said...

What a fabulous Tea Party!!
Lovely post.Hugs

gail said...

Now that looks like one fun and Mad Tea Party! LOL The cake looked awesome!
Have a great weekend.
Gail :)

Cori G. said...

What fun you all must have had! I'm sorry I made it to the party late for there's nothing more fun then a food fight. MAybe next time ;-).

Maria-Thérèse said...

Oh my, such sweet creatures and such adorable Alice! Thank you for the tea!

♥ Alice Maria-Thérèse Afiori in a Swedish wonderland

Yarrow said...

Wonderful, and what a great idea, a food fight! Love it :)

Christina Silverio said...

Oh! What a wonderfully fun party you had!

D.Suplicki said...

What a fun tea party! The maypole is a brilliant idea and a food fight?? I know what I'm adding to the list of things to fit into my next tea party! :)

Once you're all cleaned up, I hope stop by and share some tea with me.

Chatelaine said...

Wow looks like everyone really got into the tea party. Love the huge tea cup and of course all those precious children!

Thanks for stopping by for tea at my place too!

Carousel Dreams said...

Oh, oh, oh! This was such fun! I love how mad you all are! Thank you for inviting me to share in the madness - I had such a great time...thankyou for popping by my place too x

Linda in New Mexico said...

Oh my, how much fun your tea party looks. Food Fight....too wonderful. Thanks for visiting my party, I appreciate your comment and congratulate you on your creativity....yay for you and your guests. says The Olde Bagg

Deborah said...

Your rabbit made me giggle out loud!
Just too cute-cute! What a fun mom you are.

**blows kisses** Deb

Anonymous said...

Oh what fun and that is the sort of party I love to attend! Haha. Thanks for letting me share in your special day! If you haven't already feel free to drop by my gathering. :)
~ Misha/DawaiOser <3

Candace said...

Oh this is just GRAND! Looks like you had a fantastic showing and fun to boot.
Poor ol' Red Queen! She doesn't know what she's missing. Teehee.
YOur Alice is so lovely.
Thanks for your visit, too. See you in Blogovia.
Candace in Athens

Victoria Sayer said...

Thanks ever so much for stopping by earlier. I so enjoyed your visit. And thanks for inviting me to your Mad Tea Time. Quite Mad indeed. I hope you don't mind that I made a little piggy of myself and took such a large piece of your yummy cake. Just couldn't be helped. ...and besides, if I hadn't eaten so much, it might just have ended up on someone's head instead.

Brook said...

What a great time for all. Thank you for letting us come to tea.

Jeannette said...

Just amazing! I love seeing the real parties. Yours looks like it was SO MUCH fun!!! I can't wait until I am able to throw one of my own.

michelleK said...

Fabulous party :D

Looks like you all had a ball and I so want some of that cake. Was it as delicious as it looked?


Sarah said...

Such a fun party! I am still finding little pieces of icing in my hair! Thank you for being such a lovely host and to all your mad friends too! I loved your mad nonsense words too!

Lady Lux said...

gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeousness, such a lovely party, everyone looks like they were having such a lovely time (apart from the croquet club who looks slightly cross about having a flamingo on his head!) x

Kathy said...

This was too doggone cute!! And it really looks like you guys had fun. Ending with a food fight?! hahahahahaa!!!! So glad I stopped by. - Kathy

harem6 said...

Looks like the children had the best time,just like us! We were so happy to be here! Thank you for having us!

Fair Rosamund said...

What a fun party!! Loved all of the outfits and the giant teacup :) ~Lauren

BunnyKissd said...

Wonderful wonderful tea party! Thank you so much for visiting mine and inviting me to yours!

Scrap Vamp said...

Sorry to the March Hare for my lateness! Thank you so much for the tea and the food fight!

Evelyn's Wonderland said...

Wow! What a fantastically Mad Tea Party! I had such a wonderful time here and how I would love just a little bite of the red velvet cake and a sip of the drink me bottle.

Thank you so much for visiting my Hauntingly Mad Tea Party!

Designs by Blanche said...

OMG! What fun! Love the costumes & make-up! Your May pole idea is lovely!
Thanks so much for having us, Zuni and I had a wonderful time! Do drop by for a visit!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ah, you've made me grin with glee.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, what an adorable party, and look at all your fanciful guests! This was so much fun, and I thank you for inviting us over for tea! I enjoyed myself thoroughly, and I hope you will allow me to return the hospitality!

Happy Tea Partying...


Sheila :-)

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Oh what BEAUTIFUL fun! Thank for sharing and inviting me to tea. Beware - I might run off with the rest of that delicious cake! And I DO love to dance the Maypole! I was most honored that you sat with me for tea...we must do it again sometime...Theresa (aka The White Queen)

Marit said...

I was terribly late for your party. Sorry, sorry..... but I'm here now and I wouldn't want to miss those photo's... what fun you had!!! If you care for some more tea, you're very welcome <a href=">at my place!</a>

Cosmic Goddess said...

Wow, that was some party - loved the food fight!

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


Cassandra said...

Oh what fun! Thanks for the invite!

Wendelou72 said...

Thanks for the Tea! I had a lovely time.

Waterrose said...

Loved the tea party....thanks for inviting me! the cake was delicious!

yyam said...

Oh my! I love all your friends at the party! And those yummy treats! I had fun!

Diana Evans said...

oh what fun!!!!!!!!!!! your party looks awesome!!!

Loretta said...

Oh, I just loved this post. And your funny tea. It's the funniest one yet that I've come across, and I've been to many over the last 2 days. Or should I say, it's the maddest one? Anyhow thanks for the delightful time and please come to my party; don't be late!

Lenora said...

Lovely party! I love the March Hare! And the cake! Won't you join us for tea at our Mad Tea Party - Fairy Tale

YSLGuy said...

Happy Tea Party to you and you and you!!

I love the food fight part. Amazing

Richins Family said...

Glad your tea party turned out to be so much fun for you. You are very creative. Have fun with the rest of your summer.

dandelionlady said...

I adore your tea party! The food fight is such a lovely mad idea! This has been such Wonderland wonderful fun!

Arrow said...

We saw the video and it looked like some people really got into it! Our kids loved watching the lunacy!

Rhonda Roo said...

Its you! you are me! Youre the house we used to be, when i homeschooled and had kidlets (instead of grown Lost boys) and everyone gathered at the house, neighborhood kids and pets and peeps and put on plays or, or celebrate FAIRIES (happy belated day to you!)
AND a Maypole!!
I love that you even had the queen croquet mallet-awesome! :)
So i read on and have 1 more confession: your husband and i have the fear of throwing up thing in common...only mine comes because i have the reflex thing where i have to go get meds to make it stop once it starts (DONT tell him about that!!)
Um, too much information for our first chat???

Anyhoo loved the SPIRIT and ENERGY of this party!!

JoAnne said...

Wonderful post! I love how you truly embraced it and created a wonderful party for all. Wish I was there in person...

Sylvia Smiser said...

What a great party! I'm still eating the cake off of my eyelashes! I had a wonderful time! Your cast of characters were so cute!!!
I hope you will have a chance to stop by my Mad Tea Party for a spot or two of tea!
Hope to see you there!

Michelle Cummings said...

I'm sorry I'm late! My MIL's memorial was on the date of the party, so I'm now just getting my wits together to visit all the festivities!

Thank you for a hosting a beautiful party! Everything is so magical!

~ Michelle

Javajune said...

what a fabulous party

Natalie said...

WOW you have a lot of comments... hopefully you'll scroll down to mine anyway...

That party looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!! LOVE IT!

Kandes Naylor said...

What an amazing party. I love the May pole. I am still getting to all the tea parties. If you haven't already, please stop by. It is not to late to enter my giveaway!
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was an amazing party..I so wish I could have been there in person! How clever of you to set that all up. The costumes, the food, the Maypole..definitely one of the highlights of the whole Mad Tea Party event!

Thank you so much for having me, and congratulations on you College Diva win...