Thursday, June 24, 2010

When Imagination Touches Reality.

It was one of those days where imagination touches reality and something magical takes place. Today was Fairy Day.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.

He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe is as good as dead; his eyes are closed. ~Albert Einstein


We embraced Fairy Day with all the imagination we could muster and invited our friends to do the same.

Of course we dressed in our finest fairy attire.Spring 1763

And added a sprinkle of glitter pixie dust for good measure.

Spring 1719

Then we tried to lure the fairies with Yummy treats…

Spring 1693

and goodies to sweeten the celebration.

Spring 1691

What with some yummy Fairy Berry Punch we knew they would come.

Spring 1694

And they did. It worked.

Spring 1695

Soon the garden was full of wee ones playing…

Spring 1716

And exploring and dreaming…

Spring 1731

And crafting fairy treasures to take home.

Spring 1744

But the best part was spending time with our fairy loving friends.

Spring 1771

Even the Fairy Queen SassyPants made a grand appearance. And the little ones fell all over her in admiration. Calling her ‘Royal Highness’ and begging to bring her goodies and favors.

Spring 1761

Hope couldn’t resist flying. Her Happy Thoughts were in such abundance.

Spring 1736

And even the Fairy Queen graced her with a special Fairy Dance.

Spring 1768

And before we knew it the celebration was drawing to a close. And one by one and two by two our guests wished us well.

Spring 1758

Then our wonderful friends bid us farewell and left with twinkles in their eyes.

Spring 1727

And after they left and the sun settled below the horizon, the garden came alive with even more enchantment. The celebration had been cleaned up and goodies put away. But magic hung so thick in the air that I had to set alone, in the peace and quite and soak it in.

Spring 1791

And dream of next year’s Fairy Day Celebration.

Spring 1787

And wonder if it was just my imagination or were the houses in the fairy village glowing brighter after such a magical evening.

And that did it. I will always celebrate Fairy Day, even when my kids are grown and moved away. I never want to lose my youthful heart.

Hope you all had a Magical Day.


LissyLou said...

what a wonderful day!! i would love taht xx

laterg8r said...

what a fantastic and magical party :D

Natalie said...

That sounds like so much magical fun. Thanks for sharing!

Beth said...

Another magical celebration!! I would love to be your neighbor Fawn!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Hands down the sweetest fairies I've seen in years! You are so clever--what memories you made!

Lucy said...

Oh Fawn! I see why my Mum loves your blog so much! The fairy village is so enchanting. what a magical day!
<3 Lucy

Anonymous said...

I was completely charmed by this party! How beautiful your little fairies are, and your narrative was so much fun. I am going to try to remember this for next year so I can visit again...