Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fairy Boats Adrift.

Spring 1645

Once again the girls wanted to invite our local fairies to our Fairy Day celebration on the 24th.  So we printed out some sweet invites. And the girls personalized them with hearts and glitter galore.

Spring 1642

Humm, it looks as if Hope has been into the nail polish again.

Spring 1646

Lea even made a leaf package to seal up her invite.

 Spring 1647

Last year we made our trek to the enchanted Fairy Tree on the banks of the river. 

Summer 202

This year erosion of the soil around the tree’s roots made me a little worried about taking the kids there after so much recent rain.  So we decided to send the invitations by Fairy Boat upstream from the Fairy Tree.

Spring 1653

No doubt the fairies would see the fairy dust and invites and a few sweet wild flowers that we added in entice them.  Super easy paper boats.  Here’s the instructions on making them.

Spring 1655

Bon Voyage Fairy Boats.

Spring 1657

It took awhile but the river’s current finally caught them and off they drifted.

Hopefully they stayed afloat long enough to reach the Fairy Tree Destination.

Spring 1662 

It was a long walk (over 3 miles) for the kids and you can definitely tell we are all a wee bit out of shape.   Coming home was mostly uphill.   Of course we had to take breaks after some of the more steep inclines (of which there are quite a bit).  And the kids did more than their share of complaining about how they couldn’t walk another step or their legs would explode.


However between their moaning and groaning they would also get distracted by the planned and unplanned stops.  Yes, we stopped to smell the roses and enjoy the wild flowers and Hope’s favorite bug.

Spring 1652

But our visit to the river and the library made it all worth it.  Today we are starting our summer reading contest.  And wouldn’t you know it the girls got some more fairy books.

I mean it’s not like we don’t have enough books about fairies.  Geez, and people thought I was a Twilight addict.  Turns out my fairy book collection puts my vampire collection to shame.  And this isn’t even all of them.  Many more are secretly tucked away under pillows and behind cushions.


I have a feeling that we are going to be browsing these books all week.  All-in-all another enchanting summer day.


Natalie said...

Maybe I'll make some paper boats and send them down the nearby river... almost as good as a message in a bottle, right? Have fun at your party!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

My kids would love to make paper boats--but for leprechauns, not fairies. Guess they're the boy version of little creatures!

fawndear said...

Yup, when my boys were little we were all about the leprechauns, elves, and pirates. Not sure how the pirates got into the magical creature department but my boys loved them.